The Neo Inquisition – They’re after 2.2 Billion Christians

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As of the early 21st century, Christianity has around 2.2 billion adherents, out of about 7 billion people. The faith represents one-third of the world’s population and is the largest religion in the world, with the three largest groups of Christians being the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Why is this an important figure?  It is because I had a profound dream a year and a half ago that wasn’t quite understood until I ran across an article two weeks later that explained what my dream was telling me.


First thing to note is that I am an empath.  That means I feel for people all over the world.  I can’t answer why this is so, but it is and I’m going with it.  The essence of the dream’s theme was that I had a concern about depopulation, the NWO’s desire to execute billions of people and the eugenics agenda concerning the Bill and Malinda Gates vaccination agenda through the World Health Organization, or WHO, and all that stuff.  I awoke having just seen a numerical figure flash in my mind.

It happened to be 2.2 billion of something, but I didn’t know what.  After my first round of coffee, I pulled my senses together forming the idea that maybe, just maybe, that the real world population was just over 2 billion people despite what we’re told.

After all, there are no true and accurate records and we are not told of mass genocide that occurs secretly or simply unreported.  And so I felt that over the course of a couple decades that people have been disappearing or dying off from an original 6 billion or so human beings by 4 billion.

My first step was calling my best friend to run the experience through with me.  I thought it through without having the answer until I ran across a very small one or two paragraph article snippet buried deep in the Arizona Daily Star while looking for posts concerning the Gifford’s shooting as I did every day during the Congress on your Corner Massacre investigation.  The article merely announced the Christian census of the world to be 2.2 billion strong.  This was my answer.

What had been transmitted to me (because this wasn’t accidental nor a coincidence) is the cue to take action for protecting the Christian faith.  I’m Jewish, but it is important to know that all religions in their genuine state are important.  Christians, you see, are the NWO’s targeted structured religion that they want to redefine through a subtle modification process in order to transmute them into the lifeless New World Religion.

This then was not a case about a neo-inquisition.  It was about a transference of the religious paradigm into the occult of materialism, the “I Am [God*]” and the futility of our spiritual strength and individuality.  The globalists need to tear down and restructure everything and the greatness of Christianity is their biggest challenge.  They are at war with Christ, his followers, and all that our sovereignty means to people all over the world.

Like the big ‘Gun Grab’ of 2012-13, they are grabbing our faith.  Christianity has been so infiltrated with government intrusion that visiting a service is not what it used to be.  I walk in and see and hear the difference.  People don’t even bring their hands together in prayer.  They continue to kneel to the front in subservience to a false God which is the continued desire of the NWO.. they won’t change that for the reason it keeps people in practice for the wrong purpose.

I’m sickened by what I know to be happening before all of us.  Although I do not practice any religion including my own, I want so much for you to practice yours and keep it holy.  And, pass it down to your children as best you can for now is the time they erase our fond memories of yesteryear.

*The new world religion’s mouth piece was Oprah Winfrey and others.  Oprah was profiled to conduct the business of luring people in mass creating a goddess like figurehead out of herself.  This would satisfy the foundation by which materializm woven with this godless spiritual idea that you are God.  She did this with Eckhart Tolle and similar folks.  She was making single minded shopping gods out of us.   The sad fact is that in the background, the agenda was to reverse one of the ten commandments ‘Thou Shall not use God’s name in vain”.  What this means is that the NWO’s religion is all about vanity and subserviance to a materialistic life imprisoned by those that provide services and products.

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