Get your Money Out Of The Bank Now Before Its To Late Global Economic Collapse Is Eminate First Domino Has Fallen EU’s Cyprus!

Hence·forth  the chaos and confusion in the world of banking!  The End game has started Cyprus, and Europe, it comes as no surprise that the previously scheduled Monday bank holiday (aka Green Monday) has been extended into Tuesday.  So all we see in the News is how the Dow keeps going up and the American Economy is picking up steam.  When the truth is that its all just a bunch of hot air.  Anyone who understands the world banking history, knows that history is about to repeats itself it could be with in a few months to a few years a way till the big crash.

Cyprus Bank Holiday extended until Wednesday …to stop runs on the Cyprus Banks   Sound a lot like the great depression with runs on banks  Get ready for new runs on banks That’s what happened to hundreds of banks in the Great Depression.  Much of the Great Depression‘s economic damage was caused directly by bank runs.   I know one thing if I had any money in the bank I would have gotten it out in 2007 before the crash we saw the signs my family and friends on facebook can tell you that!  Oh wait I have not had money in the bank for years.  Its just one big vicious cycle that the Banksters keep playing generation after generation its a world wide  scam and if Jesus Christ was around today he would pick up the whip and go after this den of thief’s the same way kicking them out of his temple our world.

When even JPM says to panic, it may be time to panic. And then we ask why is all of this happening right now, why is even JPMorgan advocating a risk-off posture, and then we recall that every single year in late March, early April Europe comes back front and center with a bang, just as we forecast in “It’s Deja Vu, All Over Again: This Time Is… Completely The Same” and then everything becomes very clear.

Published on Mar 18, 2013

On the Monday, March 18 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the collusion between the EU and IMF in confiscating individuals’ private wealth to ultimately seize control of economies, paving the way for years of dependency on financial dictatorship. On today’s show, Alex invites economic trend forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal Gerald Celente to discuss the looting of Cypriot bank accounts, and what the future holds for Italy, which may be the next nation to be similarly plundered. We’ll also cover other major headlines and take your calls.

From Kathimerini:

The Cypriot cabinet has declared Tuesday a bank holiday, for fear of capital flight, and this may even be stretched to Wednesday, as depositors are certain to withdraw huge sums from the Cypriot banks after the haircut imposed.

Nicosia postponed from Sunday to Monday the tabling in Parliament of the bill including the measures for the Cypriot bailout – including a bank account haircut and a tax hike on interest and corporate earnings – but the European Central Bank insists on a rapid voting because there are already signs a domino effect will follow across European lenders and markets from Monday.

There is genuine fear of market unrest on Monday morning when stocks may crumble in the eurozone and bank accounts in other southern European bank may suffer.

Skai radio reported on Sunday that the Bank of Greece has sent between 4 and 5 billion euros to Cyprus in order to help Cypriot banks respond to cash requirements by their clients.

So, if the official name of the March 18 holiday was “Green Monday“, will the March 19th ad hoc holiday be called “Red Tuesday“? Inquiring minds want to know.

The price of gold remained approximately in Timeline of U.S. Gold 2007, The yearly average price of gold was $695, with a high of $833 per ounce. and in 2007 the Dow opened the year at 12,459.54 Understand why it crashed by following the timeline of events in 2008 and now today the news is say how strong the Stock Market is doing then why if the Market is on such a bull run at Dow Jones Industrial Average 2 Minute Dow Jones Indices: .DJI – Mar 18 4:35pm ET  Closed at 14452.06 today and the price of Gold is at 1594.00 This is my point if the stock market was on such a bull run why is Gold at still near record highs becase the smart people know that the Federal Reserve System is pumping up the markets by buying American Bonds and T bills Treasury Bills.  Money market investments backed by the U.S. government. Learn more about treasury bills at HowStuffWorks.

Gold Bullion 1,594.00 1,618.00 Upward change 14.10

Even Former US Treasury Official – US Financial System set to Collapse Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Economist, Co-Founder of Reaganomics & Acclaimed Author Former US Treasury Official  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts  – US Financial System To Collapse

This conspiracy by a group of international elites controls and manipulates governments, industry, and media organizations worldwide. The primary tool they use to dominate nations is the system of central banking. They have a grip on the world economy, deliberately causing inflation and depressions at will. Operatives working for the New World Order placed in high positions in government and industry. The people behind the New World Order are international bankers, in particular the owners of the private banks in the Federal Reserve System and other central banks, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group.[1] The New World Order  controls Multinational and global organizations such as the European Union, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the proposed North American Union. The term gained popularity following its use in the early 1990s by President George H. W. Bush when he referred to his “dream of a New World Order” in his speech to the United States Congress on September 11, 1990.

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Four Truths About the U.S. Economy All Investors Should Know

March 18, 2013 in Economics


By for Profit Confidential

Four Truths About the U.S. Economy

Truth #1: At the beginning of 2008, there were 28.22 million people in the U.S. economy on food stamps. Fast-forward to 2012, and the number has increased to 46.60 million—an increase of more than 65%. (Source: United States Department of Agriculture, March 8, 2013.) The number of Americans now on food stamps represents almost 15% of the entire population in the U.S. economy right now.

Truth #2: The poverty rate in the U.S. economy also increased in the aftermath of the worst economic condition since the Great Depression. In 2007, the official U.S. poverty rate was 12.5%. By 2011, this rate increased to 15%. We have experienced a 20% flight in the number of Americans living in poverty. (Source: “Poverty and the Great Recession,” The Russell Sage Foundation and The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, Stanford University website, October 2012, last accessed March 18, 2013.) As it stands today, about one in every seven Americans is technically poor.

Truth #3: Similarly, job prospects for Americans have declined since the beginning of the financial crisis. In January of 2008, there were 4.2 million job openings in the U.S. economy. As the U.S. Department of Labor reports, in January 2013, there were 3.6 million job openings. (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis web site, last accessed March 15, 2013.) There are 12 million unemployed individuals in the U.S. economy, with a significant number being jobless for more than six months.

As the U.S. economy faces severe headwinds because of the financial crisis, cities across the U.S. are suffering as well. According to the 2012 census, one in every three counties in the U.S. economy is “dying off” due to weakening economic conditions and an aging population. (Source: Huffington Post, March 15, 2013.)

Truth #4: We have a long way to go before we see any real improvement in the U.S. economy. The only thing that has improved since the financial crisis is the stock market, courtesy of cheap interest rates and extensive paper money printing. Don’t get lured into believing that a rising stock market means economic growth. The stock market and the U.S. economy are moving in opposite directions. Many public companies listed on the key stock indices are already warning investors about troubles ahead, profitability issues.

Sure, the old adage is, “Don’t fight the Fed.” But the stock market utopia can only go on for so long before “regression to the mean” becomes a reality again.

Michael’s Personal Notes:

Looking at the long-term chart of gold bullion and the U.S. dollar, there is an interesting technical chart pattern developing that may help us predict the next move in the greenback and the yellow metal.

In the chart below, the red line represents the U.S. dollar index and the golden line represents gold bullion prices.

$USD US Dollar Index cash settle stock chart

Chart courtesy of

Both the U.S. dollar and gold bullion are going through the formation of the technical chart pattern called the “symmetrical triangle.” This pattern occurs during a trend and is often the result of a consolidation in prices. The majority of instances when the symmetrical triangle pattern emerges eventually result in a continuation of the prior trend.

If you observe closely, the trading ranges in the dollar and gold bullion have been getting smaller since the beginning of 2011. While keeping with their respective trends, they appear to be consolidating. The U.S. dollar has declined, compared to other major currencies. Meanwhile, gold bullion prices have been trending higher—from below $300.00 an ounce to close to $1,600 an ounce.

As I have been harping on about in these pages, the demand for gold bullion is robust, to say the very least. Central banks are rushing toward gold, seeking safety—they have turned into net buyers of the yellow shiny metal. In the last quarter of 2012, they bought the most gold in almost 50 years.

In contrast, by buying gold bullion, central banks may be losing trust in the U.S. dollar. According to a report by the World Gold Council (WGC), in 2000, central banks held 62% of their assets (or reserves) in U.S. dollars. By 2012, that percentage of U.S. dollar holdings decreased to 54% of the reserves. (Source: Market Watch, March 13, 2013.)

It isn’t a hidden fact anymore: the Federal Reserve has been increasing the money supply, as its balance sheet has grown to more than $3.0 trillion and its paper money printing program continues at a rate of $85.0 billion a month. The more paper money the Fed prints, the more vulnerable the greenback becomes.

Time will be the better judge of where the greenback and gold bullion end up, but from the looks of the chart above, the U.S. dollar appears bearish and gold bullion’s future seems bright.

(Want to know what gold stocks are the best buy right now? In our just-released special report, Lombardi’s Second Quarter 2013 Gold Forecast Report, you’ll find our analysis of the U.S. money supply and its implications for gold; current gold supply and demand; central bank activity in the gold market; our specific price projections for gold bullion; our top-five senior gold stock picks; and our top-five junior gold stock picks, all complete with charts. Click here for ordering info.)

What He Said:

“Prepare for the worst economic period ahead that we have seen in years, my dear reader, as that is what I see coming. I’ve written over the past three years how, in the late 1920s, real estate prices fell first before the stock market and how I felt the same would happen this time. Home prices in the U.S. peaked in 2005 and started falling in 2006. The stock market is following suit here in 2008. Is a depression coming? No. How about a severe deflationary recession? Yes!” Michael Lombardi in Profit Confidential, January 21, 2008. Michael started talking about and predicting the economic catastrophe we began experiencing in 2008, long before anyone else.

“Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist, and the Venus Project – A Refutation” The All Seeing Eye is their symbol the Illuminati

The Zeitgeist movement logo
The Zeitgeist movement logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nicholas Péti

Okay Daniel … What I have done here is simply copy the entire conversation. Since I do not have the permission from the other person to use his name, you can just leave out his part of the conversation, or replace his name with “Anonymous person.” His statements do provide the “backdrop” for my responses though. … Of course you do not have to use this as a whole article, you can break it up if you want to.


Nicholas Péti …

Ohhhhhhhhhh, well be careful where he is concerned … His info is mixed with Illuminati bullshit !! He is a clever manipulator,

who wants to lead you into his new world view, “the Venus Project” … It is a reworded version of the Illuminati’s “New World Order & Agenda 21

Anonymous Person …

Peter Joseph doesn’t believe in the illumimati.

Sorry, I was watching the show, Friends!

Nicholas Péti …

Hey Anonymous Person

I know he doesn’t believe in the Illuminati .. and that in and of itself should definitely tell you something. No Illuminati plant/agent would ever say they believe that the Illuminati exists. They will lure you in by letting you think they are either against them or as Peter Joseph does. But all the while they are using Illuminati methods in everything they are presenting, and presenting Illuminati programs disguised as something else.

If you take a look at the Zeitgeist Movement you will run across certain keywords used throughout it, such as: Sustainability, Global Entity, Resource Based Economy, Local Chapters, Renewable Energy, etc..

They also speak of the removal of the nation-state and replacing it with a global entity, doing away with cultural traditions, replacing faith with science, replacing individual thinking with group thinking, and eliminating concepts such as self and family by replacing them with the group as a whole. ALL of this is Illuminati, One World Government; rule by a Select Elite Group of people, the Illuminati.

ALL of that is Illuminati to the core !!! They are deceiving people using the very same techniques the Illuminati have always used, DECEIT !!! …. Sustainability = Agenda 21, Global Entity = One World Government, Resource Based Economy = Agenda 21, Local Chapters = ICLEI = Agenda 21, Renewable Energy = Agenda 21 ….. Agenda 21 and a One World Government = the Illuminati !!!

PLEASE stay away from Zeitgeist and Peter Joseph, they are leading you down the wrong path.

Anonymous Person …

We don’t believe in politics or government, and defiantly not religion, if you read up on the Venus project you’ll understand!

Nicholas Péti …

I know of the Venus Project, and the things you mention that you (the group/Zeitgeist) do not believe in … You are being deceived my friend, I promise you this on my very life.

Anonymous Person …

I like the idea of a resource base economy

Nicholas Péti …

You might like that, and if it was carried out correctly for ALL mankind, this would be a good thing.


Nicholas Péti

But you see, these resources are owned by people of great wealth, and these people are all Illuminati; they do not care about mankind. They believe that all the resources belong to them and only them. They refer to us as “Eaters” because we eat up THEIR resources. And when they speak of a resource based economy, we are not included in this economy. We are to be removed from the earth, as it is their plan to “Maintain a population of 500,000,000 people living in harmony with the environment”



Anonymous Person

A resource base economy doesn’t want a monetary system, everybody is equal!


Nicholas Péti

Really Anonymous Person … it does not matter what a resource economy wants, it is what those in power want. And these people will never give up their power or allow themselves to be considered equal with anyone who is not within their group, and that group is the Illuminati.

These people firmly believe that they and they alone have the right to rule the world, and decide the fate of it and of us. Their goals include returning to a feudal system like that in place during the middle ages ….

I will write more, but need to reply to another PM that is extremely important ….


Anonymous Person

That’s why we need to end the federal banks!


Nicholas Péti

Oh don’t worry, the federal reserve here and the central banks of most other countries will go away in a sense as an entirely new system of money is to replace what we use now. The US Dollar will soon be collapsing, and when it does, it will bring down all other monies in the world.

What is planned is electronic money, which is very much the same as that when using a credit or debit card. Only this system will not use cards, it will use a microchip implanted in you. So say you go to a store and buy something, the item/s will be scanned as they are now and a total amount reached, then you will be scanned and the money for your purchase will be deducted from your account and sent to the store, all electronically !!!



Nicholas Péti

This system was created under the orders of the Rothschild family, with the assistance of the other international banking houses which are all owned by various families all related by marriage to the Rothschild’s, or by them through various illegitimate male sons and their descendants then reinforced by marriage into the main branch of the family.

It is made possible by two things, microchip technology and the barcode. Of course you are aware of the barcode as it is on every product in the world. What you may not be aware of is that it was created by IBM, a Rothschild owned company, and thus they actually own the barcode itself. Their name is on every barcode in existence as mark of ownership, not written but numerically.

Anyway, this implantable microchip will have it’s own barcode on it, and although you will be known to other people by your name just as now, to whatever form of government, this new monetary system, etc., you will be identified as the number that is on that barcode on your microchip. In essence you will become a walking barcode, and the number on that barcode is you. Since the Rothschild’s own the barcode, and you will be identified as a barcode, you will become property of the Rothschild’s.

Ingenious, devious, twisted, and even rather psychotic yes ?? .. Well welcome to the world of the Illuminati !!!


Nicholas Péti

Now how does all of this info play into a resource based economy ?? Well in a two fold way really. In order for resources to be of value, they must be developed. Developed includes extraction from the earth to finished product, and /or developed by other means. A good share of the developing process will be done by robots, however human labor will also be required. Since humans are required, they are also considered to be a resource.


Nicholas Péti

Since you will earn money, albeit electronically, the money itself will also be a resource.

And since the resources are owned by the Illuminati, and you are one of the resources, you will be nothing more than property of the Illuminati. Think SLAVE !!!


Nicholas Péti

Now you might say that this is not what the Venus Project and Zeitgeist speaks of, but remember this ….. If they told you what I have told you, would you buy into it and think it a wonderful thing ??

NO, they want you to believe in what they are selling in so many words, and they want you to sell this to other people so these other people will believe in it too, and help to accomplish it. The Venus Project and you are the wrapping on a box full of evil, only you do not know what that box contains.

Evil does not sell itself as evil, it sells itself a good !!!


Nicholas Péti

*as good*


Nicholas Péti

Okay, for now I have finished. I can speak on the other aspects of all of this at a later time. But do keep in mind that a system where all are equal will never exist as long as these elite people, the Illuminati exist. They will NEVER give up their power and control, and they will never allow themselves to be equal with the rest of mankind, for mankind itself is a disease to them which needs to be eliminated from their vision of a perfect earth. We are considered to be an entirely different species, and they do not consider themselves one of us. They consider themselves to be gods !!

Also remember that a system where all people are considered to be equal has never truly existed, and when it has (although imperfectly), it has been known as communism/socialism.

Nicholas Péti

“The All Seeing Eye is their symbol, as seen in the four examples below. Many different versions/styles of this eye are used by various organizations and companies world wide, and denote ownership/control by the Illuminati.

The All Seeing Eye is also the symbol for Lucifer and the Anti-Christ/False Messiah/Dajjal … (Christian/Jewish/Islamic name accordingly)

On “The Great Seal” (the Seal of the Illuminati) which appears on the US Dollar, you see an unfinished pyramid with the All Seeing Eye floating above it. You also see the words “Annuit Coeptis” (Upon Completion) and “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (New Secular Order) … The year given in Roman Numerals is the year in which the Illuminati (as an organization) was founded, and the unfinished Pyramid has 13 levels or steps.

Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Ssclorum = Upon completion of the New Secular Order … this is when the All Seeing Eye will then join with the unfinished pyramid below, thus finishing it. The New Secular Order is the same as the New World Order/One World Government & Religion.

The Illuminati serve Lucifer, that is why they use the All Seeing Eye as their symbol as it denotes Lucifer (and the Anti-Christ/False Messiah/Dajjal) …

The New Secular Order/New World Order/One World Government & Religion will have a leader (President, Emperor, whatever) …

That leader has not yet appeared and taken his rightful place.
Because the new Government of the World has not yet been fully set up.

The Illuminati pray and offer Human sacrifices to Lucifer so he will bring forth this World Leader.

The person whose arrival they pray for (the World Leader) is none other than the Anti-Christ/False Messiah/Dajjal.

The joining of the All Seeing Eye with the Unfinsihed Pyramid finishes the Pyramid = The World Leader assuming control of the One World Government & Religion.

And thus the Earth itself, and all who live upon it .”

(I included the following examples of the All Seeing Eye)

Daniel J Leach

Cool thanks people will love this.

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