3D Wepon prints



12 gauge flare pistol
.22 electric
.22 single shot
Auditor wrist gun
Practice gun


Basic grenade
F-1 Russian


.22LR assembly
.223 round
.375 H&H casing
.44 Magnum casing
5.56 NATO
.50 BMG casing
5.7x28mm casing
7.62×39 Lapua casing
9×18 Makarov round
9×19 casing
Accurate cartridges

Compensators, Flash Hiders/Suppressors, Muzzle Brakes

5.56/.223 flash hider
5.56/.223 muzzle brake
AKM compensator
AR-15 a-2 flash hider
AR-15 flash Suppressor – Helical Flute
LTS pws diablo muzzle device
LTS yhm phantom flash hider
VZ-58 flash hider


10-22 Receiver
AR-10 Lower Receiver
AR-10 Lower Receiver – LTS Zeus
AR-15 A1 Handle
AR-15 A2 Handle
AR-15 charging handle
AR-15 Grip – 7777773 version
AR-15 Grip & Stock – turomar version
AR-15 Lightning Link
AR-15 Magazine
AR-15 Magazine – 30 Round – DefDist Cuomo version
AR-15 magazine coupler
AR-15 Reinforced Lower Receiver – DefDist version
AR-15 Reinforced Lower Receiver – haveblue version
AR-15 Reinforced Lower Receiver – shadowkitfox version
AR-15 Reinforced Lower Receiver – turomar version
AR-15 Reinforced Lower Receiver – THOR IV version
AR-15 trigger – LTS precision
AR-15 trigger – LTS skeletonized racegun
AR-15 trigger group
AR-15 trigger guard
AR-15 vise block
Enhanced bolt assist device
FN FAL receiver
M16 ambi selector
Ruger 10-22 trigger group
Ruger 10-22 magazine
Ruger 10-22 rifle stock
Savage 340 scope mount
Tikka T3 magazine body
VZ58 Receiver


1911 .45 magazine
1911-A1 Frame
1911 Bushing Wrench
1911 Slide
Beretta 92FS/M9 Frame
Glock 17 magazine
Glock-22 stubby suppressor
Glock-22 suppressor
Glock g34 model
Glock Sight Press
Hole punch gun
M-10 semi auto lower receiver
MAC-10 grip
MAC-10 upper receiver shell
Makarov Follower
Napolitano Special
Receiver for mauser c96 (bolo)
Ruger .22 mkiii magazine
SIG P228 Frame
Springfield XD-40 tactical slide assembly
Sten mk ii magazine
STI Frame

Silencers, Sound Modifiers/Moderators, Suppressors

.22 silencer
Sound Moderator – slip on
Sound Moderator MK2
Sound Modifier – .22LR
“The Dirty Diane” 1/2-28 to 3/4-16 STP S3600 oil filter silencer adapter
VZ-58 silencer
Walther p-22 suppressor adapter


12 gauge to .22 CB sub-caliber insert
.22 tube magazine loader
.45 Stackable ammo box
Chamber flag
Dual Picatinny rail
Picatinny rail
Picatinny MagLite LX50
Rail mounted foregrip
Triple shotshell carrier
VZ-58 front sight


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