Glenn Reynolds On Who Owns Space Mineral Rights ?



Who Has the Right To Mine An Asteroid?














” As PopMech has relentlessly covered, the race is on to tap the mineral wealth tucked away in the asteroids. But are these big space rocks free for the taking, or will asteroid miners find themselves bogged down in outer space red tape? Instapundit blogger and resident contrarian Glenn Harlan Reynolds investigates.

Suddenly, the idea of asteroid mining is everywhere. As a recent feature here in Popular Mechanics noted, asteroid mining has gone from a “someday” idea to a business plan for more than one company. As a professor who’s been writing, teaching, and practicing space law since the 1980s, I say, why not? Asteroids are valuable, they’re out there, and they are free for the taking.

Or are they?

Asteroids are certainly available, and they’re valuable…

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Secret crypts found under a British cathedral

The Templar Knight

On 14 November 1940, the German Luftwaffe rained bombs down on the city of Coventry destroying its famous medieval cathedral and killing 568 people. Seventy years later, the shell of the cathedral stands next to the new building opened after the Second World War. Yet the medieval cathedral is revealing secrets today – particularly the crypts below ground.

Crypts discovered under medieval Coventry Cathedral

Restorers have stumbled upon nine secret crypts under the remains of Coventry cathedral in the Midlands. In September, 2011, cracks appeared in the remains of the medieval church and since then the walls had been supported by rather unsightly scaffolding.

Coventry medieval cathedral dates back to the 14th century and was originally the city’s main place of worship. But in 1940, during the Second World War, the German Luftwaffe pounded the city for an incredible and horrific ten hours on the night of November 15th.


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Mutant Milk and Brand new GMO food can rewire your body: more evil coming

I know its sick!

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Mutant Milk

“So let me get this straight: It’s illegal in America to milk a cow, sell that fresh milk to a neighbor and have their baby drink fresh milk with all the digestive enzymes intact. But it’s perfectly acceptable in our world to engineer mutant cloned genetically modified cows to produce hormone-induced, artificially-engineered milk that will be fed en masse to human babies?”

 World Truth TV – “The world of genetic engineering has fallen even further into the surreal with the announcement that New Zealand “scientists” have unveiled a genetically modified mutant cloned cow which they say produces a reduced-allergen milk for consumption by human babies. This is being reported by the BBC and elsewhere.

Horrifyingly, these Frankenscientists cloned a cow and then altered the embryo using RNA interference. After gestation, the mutant GMO cow was born without a tail! But these scientists say that’s no problem, and that the mutation of having…

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Abortion vs. The Tenth Amendment: Let’s get ready to Ruuuummmmmble!

Abortion vs. The Tenth Amendment:  “Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuummmmmble!”

By Daniel Brigman Copyright 2013

The other day I was coming out of the store and I was greeted by the cutest little girl in a uniform.  I smiled.

“Would you like to buy some cookies?” she said holding a box.

Of course I was tempted to buy her sugared confections.  I don’t know many Americans who don’t like “thin mints” or “samoas.”  Then I thought about my little girl…the light in her eyes…the curiosity, the creativity and spark of Heaven in her spirit.  I looked over toward the troop leader.

“No thanks, those cookies pay for abortions,” I politely but firmly said.

The leader’s jaw almost hit the floor.  I couldn’t have shocked her anymore if I spontaneously grew a third arm.  I thought her surprise kind of ironic.  Over the last few years it has become public knowledge that money from Girl Scout Cookies pay for abortions through Planned Parenthood.   Maybe I should have gasped with indignation when the little 10 year old wanted me to pay for an abortion.  I bring this up for a couple reasons.

One, it’s that time of year again.  Girls are wandering the towns pandering “Abortion Cookies.” I want to get the message out that Girl Scouts uses slave labor and the wholesomeness of little girls to push their product on an unsuspecting public who is not completely aware of what agendas they are supporting by buying those cookies.

Two, North Dakota legislature just passed a bill that would essentially end abortions in the state.  It is shaping up as a Constitutional battle of historic proportions.  In the blue corner we have the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution as ratified in 1791, the declared Law of the Land.  In the red corner we have the mega-funded, anti-life abortion lobby backed by the super-ultra-mega-funded, wildly over-bloated, constitutionally challenged federal government.

The tide has turned against abortions and federal intrusion.  North Dakota has moved to close the one abortion clinic in the State and define human life as beginning at first development.  It is a victory for Pro-life advocates and the religious and popular sentiment that sees abortion as a sin and/or morally wrong.  It is a victory for the State’s Rights.  Whether you agree with abortion access what you must understand is that a severe constitutional violation is inherent in the federal government dictating the decision that solely should belong to the People of the State themselves.

Abortion lovers, such as the aforementioned Planned Parenthood, have made veiled threats against the People of North Dakota.  They have used the menace of federal lawsuit to paralyze the State from acting.  I don’t think this tactic is going to work this time.

“Politicians in North Dakota are wasting taxpayer time advancing what would no doubt become another divisive constitutional amendment with dangerous unintended consequences for North Dakota families,” said Sarah Stoesz, the head of Planned Parenthood North Dakota.  Not only will buying those cookies fund abortions but they will also help fund the legal fight against the People of North Dakota.

The limited authority of the federal government is strictly defined in the Law.  The Bill of Rights reserved all other duties and power to the People and to the States themselves.  It is clear.

10th Amendment to the United States Constitution…

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Allowing the federal government to dictate abortions to the States is a dangerous precedent.  Since 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled on abortions in Roe vs Wade the intoxicating power of federal determination has not stopped.  Not only have 50 million + babies been aborted in America since that time but today more black babies are aborted than born.  That fact becomes even more appalling when you know that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, said; “colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.”  Why would anyone support such an organization?

The Founder’s greatest fears have become realized.  Central government is running amok and the Bill of Rights is being left at the altar.  The States have been usurped in their Right to self-determination.  Up until recently State’s have been hesitant to stand up to the federal government by throwing out such organizations, as Planned Parenthood, who are performing abortions in their State.

North Dakota has almost ended the forty years of federal abortion tyranny.  They are awaiting the signature of the governor.  If the new bill does pass the bigger question is what will the federal government do in response?  A constitutional crisis is potentially shaping up and the lives of little children and the moral fabric of our nation hang in the balance.  If a state cannot act to protect what it feels is its most innocent and helpless without federal interference then something is very, very wrong.  Stay tuned, this might turn into the battle of the century.  Not only is the forthcoming generation on the line the actual composition of Law is too.

Obama’s Limo ‘The Beast’ breaks down in Israel on historic visit – his first since becoming President Comet To Soar Over Israel During Obama’s Visit

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President’s limo ‘The Beast’ breaks down in IsraelExpectant: Members of the Israeli military prepare for the President's arrival at Ben Gurion airport

President’s limo ‘The Beast’ breaks down in Israel

It can withstand biochemical attacks and a barrage of gunfire but apparently not a drop of diesel fuel.President Barack Obama’s customized Cadillac limousine often referred to as “The Beast” was photographed on the back of a flat-bed hauler in Israel today. Israeli press is reporting someone mistakenly filled the vehicle with diesel fuel, which caused the breakdown.The Times of Israel reports:“The Americans filled it up with diesel, rather than petrol,” reports Channel 2 — stressing that it was the Americans, not the Israelis.Unsurprisingly, the car wouldn’t start.The president, visiting Israel today, was not in the limo when it broke down. The car was waiting at the airport to take the president to his various stops around the country. Organizers reportedly just learned of the malfunction before the president arrived. A replacement vehicle is being brought in from Jordan

Controversial: Palestinian protestors used their flag and Martin Luther King's face to make their point

‘Our strongest…

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The real history of psychiatry

Attack the System
Dr. Peter Breggin


There have been recent calls for a national Mental Health Registry, and then additional calls to link such a registry to gun licensing. In the dreadful wake of Newtown, both the left and the right and the current US federal administration are demanding that we tighten mental health statutes to make it easier and even mandatory for health care providers including psychiatrists and psychotherapists to incarcerate people on suspicion of perpetrating violence.

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