What is that website called that compares pairs of things?

Can anyone help me? It’s thankfully very easy to research online the groups the Nazis targeted for extermination: Jews, Slavs, ethnic Poles and Serbs, soviets (and other Russians and trade unionists), gypsies, blacks, the disabled, homosexuals, leftists, Freemasons (to include the Scouts) and Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as Spanish republicans (Anti-Francoists?), Greeks and of course all resistance fighters. We all know that, as the Nazis built ghettos and concentration camps the Communists built work camps–and all made good use of trains to shuttle inconvenient people off to them. We know the Communists purged AND, UNLIKE THE NAZIS, TODAY STILL PURGE their states of (or possibly “reeducate”) Nazis, the disabled, homosexuals, genuinely Orthodox Christian (and probably all true-blue) clergy and people of weird/esoteric groups.

Reinventing the wheel

Old iconThe Twentieth Century saw some worthy (and some less-than-worthy) attempts to stick it to the mainline Catholic, Protestant and other church stati quo. But is there an alternative to constant reformation, revival and revolution? The answer is ‘You bet!’ If you retrace Christianity’s steps back to the Holy Land, you will be shocked to find quite well preserved the authentic Christian Faith that is messianic, charismatic, biblical, contemplative–everything your heart and mind know it should be!

Because upon investigation, all Protestant theology did was to further polarize in the direction of Augustine (one Father among many, one who didn’t know Greek to boot) and a soteriological (salvational) model based not upon the quite organic and mystically-spoken Christian Bible but upon the quite mechanical and juridically-spoken Roman Law. If God is personal, if God is Father, then for heaven’s sake the journey of faith must needs be mystical-experiential, which is exactly the tone of the Four Holy Gospels.

The Holy Scriptures, and this is a lot of what Jesus came to reemphasize, are not to be read primarily as a legal system (the way Muhmmad’s Quran is) or a way to forecast events (the way Michel de Nostredame’s Prophecies is) or a way to get God all figured out (the way Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiæ has variously been taken to do) but rather is meant to guide us from within, personally and communally. Holy Writ is in the language of the heart, the language of love. Salvation hinges on doing more than just ‘hearing’ or ‘obeying.’ There is a non-negotiable passive side to this as well that goes completely overlooked in the ‘success’-driven West, which may be an indicator of why Jesus elevated children, women and fallen men as his disciples’ role models time and again. We actually need to let it transform us. And only Christian Orthodoxy, to my knowledge, has been doing this basically nonstop lo these 2,000 years.

A fine podcast: http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/illuminedheart/surprised_by_christ

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