What is that website called that compares pairs of things?

Can anyone help me? It’s thankfully very easy to research online the groups the Nazis targeted for extermination: Jews, Slavs, ethnic Poles and Serbs, soviets (and other Russians and trade unionists), gypsies, blacks, the disabled, homosexuals, leftists, Freemasons (to include the Scouts) and Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as Spanish republicans (Anti-Francoists?), Greeks and of course all resistance fighters. We all know that, as the Nazis built ghettos and concentration camps the Communists built work camps–and all made good use of trains to shuttle inconvenient people off to them. We know the Communists purged AND, UNLIKE THE NAZIS, TODAY STILL PURGE their states of (or possibly “reeducate”) Nazis, the disabled, homosexuals, genuinely Orthodox Christian (and probably all true-blue) clergy and people of weird/esoteric groups.

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