GCSB (“rogue agency”) needs strong oversight

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Yesterday Parliament had an urgent debate on the current issues surrounding the GCSB after the release of the Kitteridge report. Much of the debate was political huffing and puffing with attempts at point scoring – especially from Grant Robertson – and defence of the Government by Bill English.

Russel Norman also did some political and paranoiac posturing but he also raised important points about oversight of the GCSB – or more pointedly, lack of oversight. He pointed the finger at both the present (National led) and previous (Labour led) governments.

So the National Party voted for the legislation as well as the Labour Party, which pushed it through, even though the Green Party at the time warned that if you set up spying agencies that do not have oversight, they will abuse their rights. And it has become so.

And that has enabled a “rogue agency” to continue to operate…

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