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  • I am uncomfortable with labelling this as a United States bio-weapon attack on the Chinese people. I am very sure that if Americans were to find out the truth, they would not hesitate to hang all the Illuminists-Satanists responsible. This should more correctly be termed as an act by the western Illuminati. These snakes will not hesitate to kill anyone, including Americans, to further their genocidal plans for a Luciferian New World Order, World Government –> ‘666’. The Satanic WW3 plan calls for war between China-US and their allies.
  • Unfortunately, the sheeple are easily deceived useful idiots and many times deceived into supporting the Illuminist agenda by lots of flag waving, fear mongering and war mongering. The Illuminists psyop is to get 1 group of sheeple (eg. Americans) to fear and hate another group of sheeple (eg. Chinese) and get them to kill one another! Divide and conquer!
  • And advanced forms of biological warfare that can…

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