Police Watch as Muslim Mob Ransacks Christian Neighborhood.

Rivers of Hope

Pakistani Christian woman cires
A Pakistani Christian cries during a protest against Saturday’s burning of their houses and belongings, in Badami Bagh, Lahore March 10. (Reuters/Mani Rana)

A Muslim mob attacked Christian-owned shops and a church in the Francis Colony of Gujranwala, Pakistan on Wednesday following a dispute between Christian youth and a Muslim cleric a day earlier. The violence occurred only a few hours after Pakistan’s Supreme Court condemned police for not intervening in anti-Christian riots on March 9 that resulted in some 180 Christian homes being torched in the Joseph Colony of Lahore. The court’s admonishment, however, appeared to be disregarded by police who again failed to protect Christian property from being destroyed by a violent mob, advocates say.

Local Muslims, including a cleric, rebuked several Christian youth for playing music deemed un-Islamic too loudly while driving by a mosque in an auto-rickshaw on April 2. Some reports indicate that the…

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