The Pope of Rome’s temporal authority?

I would like Catholics to chime in on this. What should the Pope’s temporal titles/powers ideally be? For context, the “Holy See” currently enjoys “formal diplomatic relations with over 160 nations and the European Union” as well as

  • “Full membership in
    • the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe,
    • the International Atomic Energy Agency,
    • the International Conference on Free Trade Unions,
    • the International Telecommunications Union,
    • the Universal Postal Union and
    • the World Intellectual Property Organization; and
  • non-member-state permanent observer status with
    • the United Nations,
    • the International Monetary Fund,
    • the Council of Europe,
    • the Organization of American States*,
    • the International Organization for Migration and
    • the World Tourism Organization”

Gone (or adapted) is the Holy Roman Empire, gone the Crusades, the Papal States, even largely the Crown Heads and the Jesuits (though not a few rival fraternities and cults have seemed eerily eager to take their place)! The Pope of Rome no longer acts like a medieval despot (though the throne of course stays), but come to think of it, the global managers (i.e. banksters) of the Twenty-First Century have none of the cosmetic traits of a feudal monarch anyhow. Moreover, the European Union’s flag does bear quite a papist connotation (
Lastly, Holy Father Augustine of Hippo, generally recognized as Western Christianity’s chief patron (though he knew little to no Greek yet, like the Greeks, he understood that Jesus did not found the Church on the person of Peter but on Himself and on Peter’s confession), seemed to favor papal imperialism: Augustine essentially thought the Pope of Rome should be the king of the world!
So what do today’s Catholics think?
* OAS: not talking about USA (though it is headquartered in D.C.!) but all North and South American nations (excepting Greenland).

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