“V” is evil…and very, very stupid


I am going to word this very simply so hopefully those who need to get it will. Guy Fawkes was a papist (“Catholic”) combatant who was caught trying to blow up the British Parliament and failed. He was no liberator but a crusader, a Roman Jihadist, and a disgrace even to that term if such a thing were possible. He in no way fought ethically or even cunningly. He is a byword for stupid violent irresponsible young brats and old burn-outs, for all “useful idiots” who are tools in the hands of the diabolical globalists, such as the 99%ers/Anonymous. The film V for Vendetta glorifies violence-oriented (and hence self-destructive) attitudes, lifestyles and religions. The Guy Fawkes mask is basically the logo of banalité as well as evil. The idea that Gandhi would have worn such as mask is absurd on its face. With that being said, know for a fact that the State of Israel is one huge exploitative, murderous lie and that the NDAA does in fact declare war between the US Government and the American People. So definitely arm yourself and keep your leaders under any surveillance you can, but expend your energies intelligently or we’re all dead.

The blade (∆) and the chalice (∇) to use Dan Brown’s (probably slanted) terminology: see if you can see them in the Boy Scouts (∆) & Girl Scouts (∇) logos! (∆+∇=✡*)

Republican↑ Since www’s “reelection” (’04), the GOP logo is Satanic. ↑BGSAIt has been noted that, the blade / upright pentacle being the masculine form (also denoting spirit-over-matter), you would think it would make more sense for the Communist Demoncrats to invert the stars on their donkey god (which they haven’t any more than the Soviets inverted the star on their flag) than for the Fascist Republicrats to do this with their elephant deity. But au contraire, the explanation is clear: they are all socialists and as such matriarchal. All socialism has always favored sexual license and matriarchy. What we are seeing is the implosion/dumbing-down of the Republican Party similar to what happened to the Democratic Party many years earlier. The inversion of the Republican Astral Trinity with the George www Bush Era is to show the party has been conquered by the Yale University Skull and Bones Society.

Also on notice is the Hippie “Peace” (read Nuclear Disarmament) sign: ☮
* Note that the hexagram (whence hex) is not the Star of David, doesn’t date back further than the 300s BC and wasn’t really a Jewish symbol until the 1000s AD!

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