Christians do not stand down to occultist “secularists”

I think the essence of Masonic Modernism may be flattering people without equipping them, upending any sense of the hierarchical ordering and spatial placement of goods, pretending to transcend Good, Love and Personhood* without once pondering them. We hate all that belongs to the past, particularly to childhood, even to the point of embracing filth just to “cleanse” ourselves of all godliness if only to be “cool” and “socially acceptable.” We hate that nagging correlation between virtue and happiness, between grammar and God, between intelligence and good, that hangs on like a bad cold, reviving our souls that we’ve so diligently repressed. This idea that the laity are (not can be, mind you, but already are) saints, monastics, mystics in a good, conscious and disciplined sense, represents the full laziness of the clergy and sets the tone for the wholesale downfall of all that remained of true, medieval religion in the Western world. (Please note that I am not advocating gurus, elders or “spiritual fathers” in any form, least of all as institutions!) “You are God, so leave me the hell alone and go spiritually self-destruct” is the message the Western High Church Christian clergy, those very people who ought to know better, send today, because they have implicitly accepted the secularists’ lie that all religions are equal, by which they mean equally inferior to occult philosophy and science. They are Sarumon, who if you read the book is no longer the White but now of Many Colours, because he has abandoned “reason for madness.” I think this is why many are turning back the clock, to reboot in an effort to reach the “last good settings,” or reaching toward Eastern Orthodoxy because we are so parched for wonder, worship, wisdom and basically for something accredited! It is because we are fed up with the right-left tailspin, and it is past time we rediscovered that Something that was ascending and life-giving, that Holy Orthodoxy that is just right for us as God intended it, so old it’s new, like that story of the man who wanted to trade in his cross and found the one that fit him just right, which was the same old cross he had had in the first place.
* Because we’re inadvertently reaching for the Gnostic Demiurge and not Yahweh.

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