The most “Christian” Muslims ever!

DO NOT PERSECUTE OTHERS’ RELIGIONS. THAT’S UNCHRISTIAN. DUH. I hate sanctimonious drivel on the Internet that blonde Floridians take as Gospel. With that said, I feel I am meant to tell everyone that I was driving a Lebanese Muslim father, mother and two boys who arrived days ago. They spoke wonderful English. They were probably the kindest, most respectful group of people I’ve ever seen in my city. AND THEY SAID THEY THOUGHT PEOPLE HERE WERE NICE, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THEIR CASE WORKER WON’T GIVE THEM THE BURGER-FLIPPING TIME OF DAY–TOO BUSY AT THE BUREAUCRATS’ NAIL SALON!! (It was up to me to tell them where the freaking zoo was so their boys could have some healthy recreation!) Anyway, what the father told me he believes matters is believing on God and treating others well. DO NOT LET THE POLITICALLY EVIL MEDIA TRICK YOU INTO HATING OR EVEN FEARING YOUR FELLOW-MAN. All people have hearts. Violent people should be locked up, hanged or both. But devout souls should be celebrated. Don’t be freaking brainwashed. Amen.

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