“War on Moron…ism”

Those who force the issue of what is “crazy,” “chemically imbalanced,” “abnormal,” “indicative of anger,” “too fast,” “arrogant” etc., you may be sure are not genuinely invested in equality, much less common sense; they are in fact–and many unconsciously–vying for a Communist high priesthood who shall determine what is “normal” and “moderate” (free translation: “banal,” “emasculated,” “least-common-denominator infantility”). A survival instinct wearing the deceptive mask of idealism. They will emphatically affirm they want all people and all nations to be equal, but their sweat betrays them: what they want is to make sure they stay where they are by aligning themselves with the program that is dragging the rest of humanity’s status inexorably downward. They identify with an élite occultist/mystical tyranny, and they do this by–many unconsciously ancipatorily and not following direct orders–labeling an ever-expanding lexicon of ideas as “politically incorrect,” “conspiratorial”–“too shrewd for common consumption.” Sociology–that is, hypocrisy elevated to the status of a field of science–is society’s undertaker. Yet who can blame them? Don’t get me wrong: I do blame them for being willing to sell out their neighbor. But I sure as hell don’t blame them for not wanting themselves or their children to be in the bottom 99.99% when they roll out full-blown Police State Communism. Which brings me to why we need to wage a “War on Moron…ism”!

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