“War on Moron…ism” Unit II. Religion, Chapt. 2. Duh! (if you will)

Bless your hearts, dear non-Orthodox Christians. Your Bible, upon which you claim to base your whole way of life (and, God help us all, your *ahem* “philosophies”), comes from Greece and points east from there, yet you insist that your culture is “Western” and the Greeks don’t “get” you. Such a fine line between imperial pride and slobbering stupidity, don’t you find? Let’s face the historical reality, which is as painfully obvious as it is painful: the Greeks gave the Italians Paganism, and the Italians invented Caesar. The Greeks gave the Italians Christianity, and the Italians invented the Pope. We gave you the Bible, and you turned it from the Word into a bunch of numbers. You could be mystical instead of imperial, then things would make a whole lot more sense for you. No matter how much your world-view flies in the face of history, you probably still won’t “get” the value of apophasis until you try it. Don’t be Eastern, just be Orthodox, I mean why won’t you get back to the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory?

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  1. What you seem to ignore is that not all non-Orthodox Christians are Roman Catholic. I don’t remember the numbers but I believe there are more Western Christians who pay no attention to the Bishop of Rome than who do. And this does not even count the Roman Catholics who violate part of their doctrine and ignore their leader man. As an Episcopalian I do resent your lumping me in with the Roman Catholics.
    And another point, Greece did not give the Italians paganism. Paganism is a world-wide belief structure. The word, and concept, merely is a way of designating pre-Christian (but non-Hebrew) belief systems.

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