“War on Moron…ism” Unit III. Men who aren’t men?

Being a man is difficult. And to make matters worse, in today’s world, with its globalism, it is openly despised. Be a man anyway. Speaking the truth to power and to pettiness is going to mark you for crucifixion. Speak the truth all the louder. Manhood is essential to humanity. It is a sublime, endangered element. The neat- and control-freaks, the modern Masonic pharaohs hate and envy true men. The work of just being a man is the most thankless work there is today. Only the noble souls will take it up, take up the cross of being virile and virtuous. Weakness and softness–even immorality–are routinely mistaken for meekness and humbleness. “Loving your neighbor” today means “tolerating everybody” rather than anything that would suggest the strength and spontaneous self-sacrifice of the Good Samaritan! Men do what is right by God and by men. Men are not prissy “gentlemen” but would naturally recognize what is valid about the code of chivalry and help the weak before the strong. People who enunciate personal convictions are unhesitatingly considered arrogant. Words have lost their meaning. Everything is covered in slime now. “Freedom of religion” was replaced with “freedom of worship.” We have so much garbage in our bodies (cell phone radiation, GMO corn and soy products and Crisco/margarine petroleum/plastics), it’s a miracle we can function–albeit with many tragic miscarriages and stillbirths–and those who take pharmaceuticals (including steroids) to boot can’t even do that much!

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