The B.S. of America

Taking aside the fact that the Boy Scouts of America’s inner circle, the Order of the Arrow, was founded by a (heavily documented) Freemason, even taking aside Scouting’s Pagan ceremonies (in which counselors dress in loincloths and parade before the campers) whose performance is just part of the program at their “boy’s camps” (!), I think what may be the most disturbing thing about the Scouts is that they trained us in “preparedness” and “survival” but studiously avoided “survivalism.” That is, we were taught nothing about farming or anything that would lend itself toward peaceful independence or laissez-faire (i.e. hands-off, apart from the corrupted and corrupting affairs of state) sovereignty; they just wanted us to be Marines or perhaps even less ethical lethal operatives such as CIA spies. But what do you expect, after all, from an organization that calls itself Scouting, which essentially means Spying!

We willingly expose our youth to the most severe brainwashing; for my money, it’s all to eventually roll out a martial law police state with a fascist hegemony at the top and Marxist masses on the bottom. Just watch the organization be transformed as the U.S. Presidency (Rep or Dem, it’s indifferent) becomes more and more and more unconstitutional and tyrannical. The gays and atheists are in many respects weapons of mass distraction, red herrings to help us ignore the overall strategy. The aptly-abbreviated “B.S. of America” is too important to the globalists (who themselves go for the occasional “fairy camping trip”) for them to allow their fake little lobbyist henchmen to get at the Boy Scouts they way they’ve gotten to all the other organizations that stood up, or even spoke up, for decency.

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