What the Bohemian Grove means for you

Equation3The globalist cryptocrat usurpers worship Moloch the Owl. Their Islamo-Marxist views build from their earth-worship: Lex orandi, lex credendi (The law of prayer is the law of belief)! Their agenda rests on robbing all men (except a very few who agree with them and are royalty) of not only property but even more fundamentally of any connection to their inherited heavenly nature, their godlike dignity, twisting the Rule of Law into the rule of courts with their corporate, activist judges. They have moved the definition of terrorist away from person who explodes buildings (often C.I.A. patsies anyway!) and toward anyone with any sense of their own dignity or who questions anything done in the name of Holy Globalism. I can testify that I was indoctrinated with this during all of my schooling. As the Femi-Nazi habitless Pagan (or just trendy) Femi-Nuns (now you talk about your useful idiots!) who run the military-industrial complex’s programming system dumb down the Christian Faith, they fill the vacuum by subliminally insinuating Marxism and Deep Ecology, even falsifying data where necessary, just like their god Al Gore! Please stop being deceived by the pomp. Underneath it all, the New World Order (Novus Ordo) or New Age people and their Mohammedan, socialist and bankster (gang + banger?) friends are the only true terrorist organization I am aware of (CIA runs Al-Qaeda) because they hate manhood and thus mankind. COULD WE PLEASE HAVE THE PRESENCE OF MIND TO ERADICATE NATIONALISM (YES, THAT TOTALLY INCLUDES ZIONISM) BEFORE IT ERADICATES US?

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