Why ask?

“Life without enquiry is not the life for a man” (Socrates).

What the Arch-Philosopher is trying to say is that those who never research, never investigate, never question what they are bred and groomed to believe, are accidents of history, footnotes of life, puppets for aliens and alienists, playthings for the psychics and psychologists of the world. It is only with the most generous hyperbole imaginable that we declare souls that dismally timid to exist at all. Everything in the world around you is a wonder beckoning you: Please explore! The Internet is called the “Information Superhighway.” We men were born experimenters. But unless you’re a multi-billionaire, your schooling was probably a sick joke, a sad excuse for an “education,” barely superior (or perchance inferior) to just goofing off in the woods for free! But now it’s your move. It’s your turn. Your time is now. Don’t waste it!

2 thoughts on “Why ask?

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  1. In October of 1964 my Father told me: “If you do not honestly examine both sides of an issue then you do not have an opinion, you are a parrot.”
    A little research will show why that date is significant. The San Diego Public School System had just finished indoctrinating me as part of their function (they seemed to believe) to act as part of LBJ’s Presidential Campaign.

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