Is an age at an end?


Mere technical claptrap or the straight story at last? You tell me.

  1. Why was the late, great Roman Pope John Paul II beatified (i.e. declared “Blessed John Paul” by the reigning pope, namely by Roman Pope Benedict XVI) on “May Day”?
  2. Why thirteen (13) days between Benedict XVI’s abdication and Francis’s elevation?
    (as there had been, for example, between the U.S.S.R.’s dissolution and the C.I.S.’s establishment)?
  3. And where do the Vatican’s own “Saint” Malachy’s prophecies figure?
  4. How about Thelema and Aleister Crowley?

In a nitty-gritty look at Twentieth-Century sacerdotal¹-papal²-regal rule, User MHFM1 (video below) points out that heaven double-struck³ Saint Peter’s Basilica’s cupula⁴ the same day on which Pope Benedict XVI had abdicated, which was also the same date (11 February 2012) as the 1929 Lateran Treaty (between the Roman Catholic Magisterium and the Italian Government) established papal² kingship, Benedict being the last Tridentinely ordained priest to hold papal office. Since Benedict was the seventh (and by the “Old Order”⁵ the last!) priest-king of the Vatican City-State, all of this seems suggestive of the “seven kings” of the Apocalypse/Revelation. (Or not. For context, recall that in the itemization of the Church’s Canon of Scripture [that is, the Table of Contents of Holy Writ or “The {Holy} Bible”] at the First Ecumenical Council, which was held at Nicæa in present-day Turkey, it was the Old Rome that insisted on including the book known as the Apocalypse (or Revelation) of Saint John, to which Constantinople capitulated in exchange for the Acts of the Apostles.)

(I hope I’ve encapsulated any substance contained in the needlessly hour-long video below [which in its supposedly monastic polemicism tries to make Roman Pope John Paul II and not Benedict XVI the antichrist in spite of the diagram pictured above] so you don’t have to take the Dimondesque propaganda as a temple tax for getting the “fun facts.”)

¹ Sacerdotal means priestly.
² Papal means popish, i.e. of or relating to popes.
³ I gotta say, with this twofold lightning thing, Benedict XVI may never shed that Emperor Palpatine image!
⁴ A cupula is a dome.
⁵ In 1968 Old Rome, or specifically the Vatican, closed out its second-ever pan-occidental “ecumenical” (meaning church-wide, not to be confused with ecumenist or ecumenism) council (“Vatican II,” “Vatican I” having been held ca. 1869), one leg of whose threefold order of business had been to reform the erstwhile Tridentine (i.e. of the Council of Trent) Liturgy (basically known to Roman Catholics as “The Latin Mass,” famous for its incense and its still somewhat historic Christian nature), the Tridentine ritual model itself being a Reformation-Era (some would say “Deformation-Era”) “reform” of the Divine Liturgy of Our Father Among the Saints Gregory the Great (Pope of Rome). This liturgical coreography (or missal from missa [as in Ite, missa est meaning Go, she {or it} is sent] whence Mass⁶) that the 60s Second Vatican Council scripted was christened Novus Ordo or New Order, giving rise to many and sundry theories linking it to global governance ideologies (and conspiracies), institutionalized in the F.D.R.-to-present US$1 bill’s pyramidal “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (we presume a Mason’s misspelling of sæculorum) slogan, always interpreted as New World Order [seclorum/sæculorum is a genetive {i.e. possessive} plural capable of meaning either of the worlds or more commonly of the ages, hence New Age Order seems a truer rendering of the globalist intelligentsia’s meaning]) as well as to George H.W. Bush’s subsequent “Thousand Points of Light” speech in which he describes what is presumably the C.I.A.’s vision for a “new world order.”
⁶ From the Etymology Dictionary “‘Eucharistic service,’ Old English mæsse, from Vulgar Latin messa ‘eucharistic service,’ literally ‘dismissal,’ from Late Latin missa ‘dismissal,’ fem. past participle of mittere ‘to let go, send’ (see mission); probably so called from the concluding words of the service, Ite, missa est, ‘Go, (the prayer) has been sent,’ or ‘Go, it is the dismissal.'”

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