People as product?

Top signs that men and women are become a commodity and we are returning to feudalism:

  • “Human resources.”
  • The Dow Chemical Company’s “Human Element” commercial / H+ or transhumanism.
  • Monsanto Company’s attempts at being allowed to patent human genes (!)
  • Phoenix, Arizona, and prostitution.
  • Multiculturalism, which amounts to genetic Marxism.
  • Birth certificates bearing NYSE stock numbers, the excessive numbers assigned to men and women and the implantable microchip.
  • The branding of people via fashion, subliminally steering us toward fascism, i.e. toward being property; also neckties, nametags, obsessive grooming.
  • Peggy Kane’s perspectives.
  • Many broad signs that we are being scientifically bred into different varieties á la Disney characters where you have the extreme alpha male, the hopeless nerd etc., with to make us more useful means of production (or destruction!) in the hands of heartless tyrants. The funny thing is, the controllers don’t mind you being “different” as long as you can be categorized a in utilitarian way (and keep chugging that sodium fluoride).

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