It’s not paranoia if they’re really watching!

CONSPIRACY: 1. A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful 2. The action of plotting or conspiring.

Okay, the secret’s out. The introduction of myself isnt so subtle, according to most people who cross my path. I’m one of these nuts you hear ranting the second anything is mentioned about the Illuminati; New World Order; Big Brother; FEMA; the United Nations; down to the little stuff like fluroide in the drinking water and internment camps, tracking devices in smart cars and iPhones. I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Favorite books are 1984 and Brave New World and hell, it shows. I’ve just published two out of three books in my speculative fiction genre about the New World Order, and one girl’s attempt to keep herself safe from it. (You’ll find those on Amazon late July, by the way)

I’m in the outlining process of another book too, with a working title Shhh, don’t tell!”. That one isn’t so speculative and I expect it may very well give me more attention than I do so deserve. It’ll follow the twitter user constantly getting shut down for speaking there mind against the western government’s baby, the New World Order. Part of it’s a true story, part of it’s fiction. It’ll be interesting to see the journey the character takes me on.

But this isn’t why I post this blog today. Well it is, but isn’t. I want everyone to know my books are out there, but more importantly, I do believe in the conspiracy theories that exist in the world today – most of them. I also firmly believe people should be educated about them and the world that surrounds us. Not sure about the UFO thing, that really boggles my mind, but Illuminati, NWO, Big Brother…that stuff really does exist. Honest.

So, follow me if you will on wordpress. Between books, I will endeavor to present to you some hard literature about these ‘so-called’ conspiracies. I’ve a new fire in the belly to post regular content on research I conduct into the area of Big Brother watching us and freedom of speech and anything else I happen to stumble upon during my research for my books. At the end of the day, as a writer, I feel compelled to tell you that it’s not paranoia if they’re really watching!


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