So, I was driving on the way home from some early morning errands when I did the uncharacteristic thing of turning on the early morning news, on the radio. You see, I’m no ignorant, but I chose to steer away from things like the news, television and radio broadcast, along with the papers in fear of the dogma attached to them. I don’t want to be brainwashed anymore.

Back to the driving along and listening to the news… Illuminati methods of what I like to refer to as “herding” the masses are employed on a daily basis. Now I have always been aware of certain methods. I believe growing in a rural community and attending a uni that was relatively new at the time, allowed for us “free thinkers” to blossom that little bit more. I got lucky, I was taught during that time to always read between the lines of what the media present to us not to just accept it as gospel.

The Illuminati set up situations over the years to fail, in order to have the opportunity to present to the public another “better” alternative under the guise of a different organization or government. With this model, we are open to the new alternative as we despair at the failings of other attempts. It’s under this clever Illuminati guise that we embrace their next notion which is also planned from the beginning to fail, and so the wheel turns, until they have their desired effect—usually a mass population dependent on their spoon feeding, not so different from a welfare state.

So back in the car, I’m listening to the news. The main topics are as follows:

*The Carbon Tax Scheme in Australia.
*Egypt’s state of affairs with their “revolution” and the American stance.
*The new loans available to farmers in Australia at low interest rates.
*The NBN role out (telecommunications upgrade in Australia)

Each topic stunk of Illuminati tactic!

The Carbon Tax. One Labor Prime Minister has been ousted by her own party for the return of the original PM at the beginning of the term. (For those not familiar Kevin Rudd was initially pushed aside for Julia Gillard who served a short term, and then Kevin Rudd returned—all without a people’s vote!). Right here is a tactic well used in Western Society, usually with opposing governments, ie Labor versus Liberal in the commonwealth or Republic versus Democrats in the States. Usually one party props up the other in the form of an arch rather than opposing force. We all know they have the same agenda which is presented in a different light. When one fails, we happily accept the other. It’s an Illuminati trait. Here in Australia, the bold move of Labor leader versus Labor leader has occurred. A political moment in history, I must say!

It struck me that Gillard and Rudd are most likely friends. Yes, I said it fellow Australians, they are friends. Not the enemy they wish us to believe. Gillard brought forward the Carbon Tax in our country, much to the angst of the people, after she ousted K Rudd. The cost of living has sky rocketed, morality is low, the Aussie spirit is struggling. Then we are given hope—bring back “K Rudd”, let’s show Gillard she is not worthy! Yes, he comes back…we cheer, we applaud, hell, he even followed me on Twitter (makes me wonder why) and what I hear on the radio is her policy from his mouth, and being brought forward another 12 months. Let’s not forget both these people were part of Agenda 21 amongst other things.

This is an Illuminati tactic. Prop one thing or person or political party against the other in the public domain, though behind doors they are all having a grand dinner party together. When the other is proposed to the public, the public tend to embrace the new idea, never thinking the concept is the same, relieved for a brief second that things are being accomplished.

Egypt’s state of affairs. In short, the USA (essentially a Freemason/Illuminati country) falls short on their promises of democracy for this once beautiful country, but rather helps finance the “military coup” which is occurring. On top of this, The United Arab front is pouring in four times the amount of cash to help with the USA agenda. All that support this, are rich in oil- and who owns the oil? Rothschild? Hmmm, food for thought here, I don’t think I need to spell it out if you’re already reading this blog. A New World Order tactic perhaps?

Back on the home front—The farmer’s new loan. A new policy to give farmers which are close to bankruptcy, access to low interest loans of up to 650K, with an almost no questions ask policy. It is rumored that the New World Order can only succeed when they control a central source of the world’s food. They can only do this by driving farmers financially into the ground. Australia is a large source of farming for our “old” world. Do I need to say anymore? The applications for the loans are being posted to farmers next week. They don’t need to go into the manager at their local bank to ask, this is a hand out at low rates. When the farmers run out of this money, how will they repay them? They will lose their farms of course. A United Nations tactic for the preparation of the New World Order? Have a think about it.

By the time I got home my head banged with this information, and my stomach ached. If I hear the words 10 year plan again I’ll scream. That was the other common thread in the news. Everything had a ten year plan in Australia. The “role out” of the NBN in Australia, (new telecommunications) which has so far been disastrous, is on a “ten year plan”. The amount of times I heard the word pyramid when describing the role of the workers as sub contractors in this 10 year plan, made my head spin—and this was at a local level! If this fails, does this then set the scene for something more ambitious with the net and monitoring. Will they sell the next step when the NBN fails, as the necessity for society—that we must accept this better plan because the other failed? Maybe while the Illuminati are at it, we can have a microchip planted into the foreheads of our new born babes…

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to open our eyes to all the suggestion around us. The New World Order agenda surrounds me as it does you. Everywhere I look, everywhere I listen, there’s something. Everywhere I turn…even the shop windows are filled with clothing labeled with Illuminati symbolism. White wolves pictured in triangles with “freedom” scrawled beneath the image. At OPSM (an optometrist) a sign with a respectable model wearing glasses has the Do or Die snake tattooed on his wrist—now come on? Really? And I live in a country town. The music I listen too has the biggest effect on me, and I am too aware I have become reliant on music from a band which is blatantly Illuminati. I need to be cautious.

No one is exempt. No one is safe. We have been programmed since childhood, and our children today are at more risk than ever. But this is another blog for discussion. This is not paranoia.

My next blog will be on music and its role for the Illuminati.

Aral Bereux is the author of The Julianna Rae Chronicles, available on Amazon and GoodReads. In this fiction she outlines the potential of a New World Order under the guise of Urban Fiction. She has studied at university for over 12 years, is reluctant to watch television or read the papers, is well versed in the French Revolution, and only drinks rain water. Until 2013 she never used social media or a mobile phone. Bereux is a big believer of the Illuminati and the New World Order and will always strive for the truth. Another WordPress member.

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