Children’s Television ABC/BBC

I am compelled to write an early blog as I sit here and watch a children’s program on ABC3 at 5.30 pm in Australia. It is called Horrible Histories, produced by the BBC for children’s television.

My kids turned the TV on. I’ve never watched it, never given it too much thought as they very rarely watch this program. But something caught my eye. It was a reenactment of the Incas with an Incan family playing a board game. I stopped, I watched feeling something amiss. What do I see? The family holding cards with the standard illuminati symbol of the pyramid and all seeing eye on them.

As quick as this scene was over a song with Incans dancing and singing came on, singing to the tune of the Bee Gees Stayin Alive. However the lyrics horrified me. They were gruesome. “Follow me, and stay alive, follow me and stay alive or be the witness to a sacrifice” The song went for about a minute.
This was then followed by a Nazi reenactment on how to “stab the rats” by using bait they are fond of, with a bayonet. “Kill your enemy this way, it’s much easier.”

I don’t think I need to add much more to this. It all speaks for itself.

Aral Bereux is the author of The Julianna Rae Chronicles, available on Amazon and GoodReads. In this fiction she outlines the potential of a New World Order under the guise of Urban Fiction. She has studied at university for over 12 years, is reluctant to watch television or read the papers, is well versed in the French Revolution, and only drinks rain water. Until 2013 she never used social media or a mobile phone. Bereux is a big believer of the Illuminati and the New World Order and will always strive for the truth. Another WordPress member.

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