Jared Lee Loughner was not a “Lone Wolf” shooter

ImageLoughner was not the ‘Lone Wolf’ shooter the news lead you to believe

In April of the year 2011, I met with Ed Chiarini four months after Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot.  Chiarini is also known commercially as ‘Dallasgoldbug’ who operates wellaware1.com.  Chiarini is a cointelpro agent who on his site implicated all but one sheriff’s deputy seen to the right of the composite on the upper left.  A biometric analysis was conducted of the youngster to the left in the comparison image who at the time was an apparent DEA kill squad agent with Delta Squadron 7 and is now a CIA assassin.  On January 8, 2011, nearing 20 years older, the CIA agent photographed as one of the team’s killers of Medellin’s infamous, Pablo Escobar, was in Tucson posing as a sheriff’s deputy at a prolific staged event sparking off the rest.  Ed Chiarini who had wrongly matched each and every of Clarence Dupnik’s deputies and top agents refused to use my analysis.  Hence, I flushed out the most elusive operatives and most deceptive crime scene at the time.

Join me on DISMANTLE THE BEAM PROJECT for conspiracies proved.

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