3D Mapping on buildings – The grooming for a faked alien invasion

Project Blue beem the makeing of a fake anlien invasion!


Within the past couple of years, a technology has emerged in the form of public appeal which is entertaining and awe inspiring.  The truth behind it is a disclosure about how illusive projection to fool people is proposed.  Wernher Von Braun said that the secret society would pull a wild card as the last attempt to pull off the emergence of the New World Order.  He said that there would be an invasion of aliens at war with earth’s people in as an illusion projected in our skies.

A cutting room floor sequence intended for the film “John Carter” describes a blue light that has ultimate power.  That light was said to be the “9th Ray Isolate”.  Is this the essence of Project Bluebeam?

My friend, Carol Rosin, was one person Von Braun confided this information to and one, Serge Monast, was killed for disclosing this information.  What I have…

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