It is water ‘they’ want


Oblivion water fusion converters

After contemplating all that is happening,

I feel while all natural resources are being gobbled up, sequestered… just plain stolen, it happens to be fresh water that the earth has that is being earmarked for a mass planetary harvest of a natural resource.


A Stargate is born

Pat Tillman arc structure 3

Hoover SG1And it is highly prized by alien beings.  It is H20, hydrogen with two oxygen molecules, that they want.  My years of research into the Hoover Dam issue I suspect is a STARGATE was an epic find, but the danger behind it is what I suspected.  Aliens want our water resources.  You see it in the papers or the television news in which national parks are being closed off.


The truth is, the weather modification program known as Cloverleaf (Chemtrails) is a process by which the atmosphere is being shut down.  It’s called dessication and simply means removing water from the planet. …

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