Code name AZ11: “The Loughner Cover-up”

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AZ LOUGHNER COVER UPThe events that took place on the 8th of January, 2011 was not how the media depicted it.  The Safeway shooting in Tucson, Arizona in which a female congresswoman was mortally injured and a 9th circuit Federal Judge assassinated is alleged to be a planned operation.. a staged event similar to the Sandy Hook “Kindergarten” shootings in Connecticut.  This case is similar to the James Homes theater 9 “Dark Night Rises” massacre in Aurora Colorado where a false image of the shooter was first posted.  This is a carbon copy stunt just like the suspect Jared Lee Loughner’s first photoshopped media hype posting.   Researcher and investigative journalist Stephanie Sledge takes you on a step by step tour into a case that had as many holes as a block of Swiss cheese.   I’m (realnuz of Dismantle the Beam Project) encouraging you to take a look into an event that happens to be a neo-911.   After all, the alphabet agency consortium’s investigation was titled “Operation Safeway”.     1   +   8   =    9    &   2011      9/11

Stephanie Sledge “hammers” the case against the largest crime syndicate in the nation!

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