Anonymous War will begin Operation Declaration of Freedom 5th of November, #Op5th

That right here is bullshit. Our idea is a peaceful one. we fight with Education NOT guns. perhaps you don’t understand.   If you, who wage war you will lose and think we the people win will win your wrong.  What about the people who do not want to get involved? They are the prize and the people who die without picking a side will only be an Occult sacrifice innocent blood shed and you know it. Anonymous but by simply going to war you are showing just as much tyrannical and barbaric nature as the government you oppose.

AnonymouslyNotFound 1 hour ago

In two days this will all begin. As a minor the corrupt American government has given all minors no constitutional rights, and they are slowly stripping away the rights that we are given by the constitution so this Tuesday war will begin, choose your side America. We are legion.

Greetings citizens of the world, we are Anonymous, we are ready for the the 5th of november, are you,
In Operation 5th, We would like to remind our brothers and sisters, Hacktivists and activists, with a few guide lines, that can be helpful on the 5th, 1st of all, make a list on paper with what you need, and what you should take with you, and keep with you a pen, and some paper, , wear clothes that are practical, not just because they look nice, wear a comfortable shoes, tell a friend or a family member, where you are going, just in case something happens, if you will go with friends, make sure to stay near them, do not walk back home all by yourself, walk in groups as much as possible, if you have a medical condition, make sure to keep with you your pills or inhaler, keep a small first aid kit with you and some aspirin, Buy or make a Dust mask with some piece of fabric, and Soak it in Coal powder and water, let it dry a day before, and keep it in a plastic bag with you, that you can use as an air filter, And a Scuba mask, or glasses, both filter and scuba mask, will be handy in case the police decided to use tear gas, keep some power bars or chocolates with you , make sure you have more than enough water, Juice or power drinks, make sure when you pack to remember the right place for everything for easy access, make sure you tape and take photos as much as you can, make sure your phone or cam is fully charged, and if you can get an extra battery, or a portable power source, to charge in case needed, make sure to have extra SD cards, and switch cards and keep it someplace safe, when you feel that you taped or took photos of something important, make sure that your phone or whatever you are using GPS, is turned off, so you won’t make it easier to trace you if you went online, and if you will go online, Try to upload whatever you tape or take photo of, to a secure storage site, or send to a friend you trust, when u communicate online use secure applications, and use internet slang as much as you can , if you have or can get an extra mini camera, keep it with you, do not send updates or send photos or videos that you taped to someone you don’t know and trust, do not shout loud or speak loud about critical information or internet nicknames, if needed use fake names, because eyes and ears will be on you also, when you meet someone new there, use your best judgment before giving private information about yourself or your friends, ask your friends from time to time if they need something to drink or eat, when you see someone that needs help., tell your friends to make a circle around him or her, and offer whatever help you can, and add to this list what you think it’s appropriate.
And always keep in mind and remember, we are all brothers and sisters, and we will be there for the same reasons, so treat others like you would like to be treated,
Please share this video message, with all your friends, and on social media websites, blogs and groups,
And now?
one thing left to be said;
We are anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, World, Expect us.

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