Demonology, Medjugorje and Svali – the dots solidly connect

In summary, there are really multiple layers of reasons to believe that the Church of Rome, though a champion of the Orthodox Faith in ages long past, has today some deeply unsettling rites being performed deep beneath its fabulous churches. Many Twentieth-Century Bishops of Rome (“Popes”) have spoken publicly of an infiltration by Modernism and Masonry. And they were undoubtedly well-advised. But based on my quite credible sources which I here share, I contend those were merely decorative outer pillars of a larger plot. Most of us have not yet beheld the true structure of an ancient elite power-cult that has Christianity (more than Christendom, which they use) in its crosshairs. My advice to Catholics is not to embrace the questionable teachings and culture of Medjugorje, but seek older, more integral forms of Christianity, and stay away from all cults and trends that claim to have some new, esoteric improvement on Christianity. All this do while holding the establishment at arm’s length, because for my money, any day now, she’s gonna blow…Consecrate yourself only to good; fight the evil within.

(Note that when it comes to exorcisms, Fortea has his thousands, Amorth his tens of thousands [160,00 to be exact]. It’s obvious who has God’s favor of the two. Amorth tries to encourage an expansion in this ministry, particularly in Germany.)


Esoteric Judaism: a lame hobby or a huge problem?

First, my heartfelt thanks to Orthodox Jews like Gilad Atzmon (and to some extent other saner wildcard Jews like Tom Lehrer and Jon Stewart) for exposing some globalist evils.

I’m not sure the American People have quite grasped the inner nature of secularism, atheism and today’s mass-media and schools. Behind the wheel you will find not “nonbelievers” but quite Bible-believers who, in apparent imitation of their masters, tremble and scorn God. Below is a general outline of mostly A.D. Esoteric Judaism (not to be confused with Jewry, since it takes in ethnic Khazars, i.e. Turks, Mongols and Rus’ peoples, and not to be conflated with any Orthodox sort of Judaism). There are in fact powerful people who idolize and imitate wreckless and bloodthirsty deities such as Lucifer/Satan, Moloch and Baal. A young Mormon friend once asked me, “How can a cult possibly endure the centuries?” Look no further than the Bohemian Grove (cf. YouTube). The elite are forever infusing Illuminist ideals into our culture and encouraging self-destructive paths. I have said before that secularists are occultists; this has throughout history been the case, and I cannot possibly stress it enough.

Several specific points in the history of Judaism* have a way of making sense of the quality and quantity of influence they are having on the modern West. (The groups one normally thinks of in European Judaism would be the Ashkenazim [Eastern] and the Sephardi [Western**].) As with Christians, Jews from Eastern Europe tend to be more obviously observant. For your consideration, a brief timeline of Judeo-Luciferianism:

– c. 0970 BC: Syncretist-King Solomon of Israel:
Masonry and the Cabala
– c. AD 0650: Khazars and Luciferian inroads into world Judaism followed swiftly by the appearance of the Masoretic text and the dawning of Systematic Antichristianity.
– c. AD 1650: The “Enlightenment,” the Sadduceeist Renaissance and international, fractional-reserve banking swallowing Western Europe’s and later the Americas’ economy(s).
– c. AD 1900: Karl Marx, Theodore Herzl, Sigmund Freud, Adolf Hitler, Saul Alinsky (dedicated to Lucifer and enormous influence on the Hillary Clinton and Obama) and Joseph Stalin:
Zionism/socialism/materialism/misotheism/Luciferianism is injected into the Westocracy and descends on Western European society, culminating in the 1948 creation of the State of Israel that imported socialist-minded Jews with Hitler’s collusion (gassing the religious Jews) and got the land from King George VI of (Not-So-)Great Britain (apparently as a collateral for his debt to the growing mega-banks [entities that are now moving from profiting from wars to planning them via the military-industrial-communications-education complex]).
– c. AD 1960: Nazis are put in charge of NASA and the Soviet Space Program so they can profit and conquer from the space race, the arms race, sports and a million other fields of manufactured competition (a.k.a. “weapons of mass-distraction”); Neoconservatism (originating in the Jewish “City College of New York” and the Journal of the American Jewish Committee “Commentary”), multiculturalism, deep ecology, Neonazism and mystical Marxism adapted to U.S.A. cultural Christianity and begin to trickle downward from the elite into academia, hijacking our institutions with the help of the Hippies (all socialists preach “free love” and other free things but not free people), wiping out decades of honest (and daring) intellectual inquiry in the public discourse. The difference between Communism and Captialism is illusory; both are socialist, and both are materialist.
– c. AD 1980: Jon Stewart, South Park:
spreading the unapologetic Illuminism: nihilism, machine-based transhumanism (“H+”), demoralization, the popularization of Cabalism (under the pretext of a “new morality,” a new truth, a new purpose for mankind, a New Age [Masonic jargon] which amounts to enslavement to an idolized global state with it’s all-seeing NSA). Homosexual, abortive and other violent, self-destructive lifestyles are encouraged with impunity.

– Appendix 1. “Gypsies,” “Bohemians” and nomadic Khazars
– Appendix 2. Societies, fraterinities, unions, KKK, mafia, gangland, illuminati and sci-fi cults (

…but knowledge is power, so wage infowars, not war…

* This is about Judaism the religion, not to be confused with Jewry the people. This in no way indicts anybody, whether the Jewish race (Jewry) or the Jewish religion (Judaism), but it merely calls into question the goodness, rightness or helpfulness specifically of Luciferianism and Modernism generally, which are not just (from where I sit) heresies but also ruthless murder-machines.

** True story: the Jews who first settled in New York City came from Brazil as a result of the Inquisition.

Perfection Not Required

Sounds like Christians of today all high and mighty who wouldn’t know what the word humble means.

The Recovering Legalist

“Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.”

“And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.” – Luke 18:11, 13

Looking for a Pastor

Imagine that instead of the temple, a Pharisee and a publican walked into a pastoral search committee meeting (like we have in the Baptist denomination).  They walk in, introduce themselves, compare resumes, and one gets the job.

pharisee and publicanWhich one do you think would be hired? Answer (typically): The one that fits the picture of what every Christian fit for service should be – perfect.


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