In summary, there are really multiple layers of reasons to believe that the Church of Rome, though a champion of the Orthodox Faith in ages long past, has today some deeply unsettling rites being performed deep beneath its fabulous churches. Many Twentieth-Century Bishops of Rome (“Popes”) have spoken publicly of an infiltration by Modernism and Masonry. And they were undoubtedly well-advised. But based on my quite credible sources which I here share, I contend those were merely decorative outer pillars of a larger plot. Most of us have not yet beheld the true structure of an ancient elite power-cult that has Christianity (more than Christendom, which they use) in its crosshairs. My advice to Catholics is not to embrace the questionable teachings and culture of Medjugorje, but seek older, more integral forms of Christianity, and stay away from all cults and trends that claim to have some new, esoteric improvement on Christianity. All this do while holding the establishment at arm’s length, because for my money, any day now, she’s gonna blow…Consecrate yourself only to good; fight the evil within.

(Note that when it comes to exorcisms, Fortea has his thousands, Amorth his tens of thousands [160,00 to be exact]. It’s obvious who has God’s favor of the two. Amorth tries to encourage an expansion in this ministry, particularly in Germany.)

ITALIAN CATHOLIC EXORCIST AMORTH SPEAKS OUT ABOUT THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/spanish_exorcist_addresses_claims_of_satanic_influence_in_vatican/
FOLLOWING SVALI: http://svalispeaks.wordpress.com/
MEDJUGORJE SAID IT BEFORE AMORTH DID, PREDICTING A “GREAT APOSTASY,” SO BACKLASH WAS INEVITABLE: http://www.aleteia.org/en/religion/article/vatican-to-us-faithful-stay-away-from-pro-medjugorje-events-12114001

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