Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Might that be a good date for The Event? The portal closes on December 25th, remember and we would then have to wait until March, I believe, for the next opportunity for The Event to take place.

Personally, I feel that Ison is a very important part of what is about to happen. Not all comets get ET escorts, guiding them through space, and I also feel that we aren’t being told everything that is going on. It’s all on a “need to know” basis and a matter of National Security.  ;0)

There have been many strange fireballs or meteors lately—I saw one myself—and that asteroid with six dust trails and THAT has never been seen before.

And there’s that uncharacteristic light in the western sky with all the colours that isn’t a planet, star or satellite and gets larger and smaller, constantly changing. Stuff is happening out there; the…

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