Maitreya and Obama

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The Spirit of the antichrist The Beast who’s coming out of the Sea: Rev. 13:1-10:

From for the beginning f this worls The Angel Lucifer was a fallen angel from God through the fact that he wanted to be like God. He took 1/3 of His angels with him and he stood up against God. This line we can see through the whole scripture. We need to recongnize that he has different names and mentioned as many ways of animals which has spiritual meanings and so on and it started already by Gen. 1:26 there where the Gentiles started and we see that God was creating the Gentiles first (at 1st the natural and than the spiritual, 1.Cor. 15:46), but through the fact that He saw that there can’t become the Messiah out of it; He reformed Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:8). In Gen. 1:26 we see the word “man”…

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