A VERY hard to find highly controversial documentary from 1982

A highly controversial documentary from 1982 giving the viewer unprecedented and rare access into the thoughts, minds and plans for some of the most criminal and evil groups of people that this world has ever seen – your loving Government. This documentary is VERY hard to find, why? Because obviously it contains very self-incriminating information and that they want kept hidden and secret from you and threaten you with fines as though you’ve committed an illegal act for even daring to watch it or gets others to.More than 30 years have passed since this was made and isn’t it very interesting to see that many of their ideas, thoughts and tactics are now coming to fruition? Part of a bigger agenda – you bet it is. Watch it, re-post it, save it, burn it, show others. This is a VERY important documentary.

OP: New World Order Exposure

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