I am seeing a provoked false flag working for the feds at Bundy cattle ranch to try to crackdown on American gun owners in America.

Anti New World Order Party ☀ State of Nevada


Time and time again it is revealed that the only prominent people who call for violence in the patriot movement turn out to be working for the feds. know Im going to get a lot of hate thrown my way after this post but I just want to be a watchmen on the wall for my fellow true Patriot American who may be getting sucked into a trap.  I smell a setup about to go down in Nevada!  I am seeing a provoked false flag to try to crackdown on American gun owners in America.  This is a preemptive strike by the globalists Illuminati NWO cult who are being defeated in the Agenda 21 agenda all around the country this may be nothing more than a distraction to today’s deadline of dept ceiling. Yet Again – Senate Announces They Will Not Propose A Federal Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 – Sixth Consecutive Year

So this is like the 4ht time Iv tried to post in this blog about the U.S. To Reaching the  Real Debt Limit in March (or June) 2014 but its today April 11 is the deadline. So I feel that this Ranch false flag is the distraction that the government needs to take the people eyes off the real  extraordinary U.S. debt ceiling bind  to stave off default and the dire economic consequence of a greater debt ceiling.


In a stand-off that has been likened to Ruby Ridge and Waco, the federal government has now deployed armed agents in a case of what the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has deemed “trespass cattle,” escalating a 20-year battle over grazing rights and what actually constitutes “public land” use in Southern Nevada.

Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher says his family has worked the 600,000-acre Gold Butte area since the late 1800s and that they were there well before the government’s Land Management Bureau ever came along. (source)

Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/04/militias-route-bunkerville-nv-will-start-2nd-american-revolution/#fc8DGRzdPYb8joC8.99

The last time the federal government had a budget in place and signed by the president was Sept of 2007 for fiscal year 2008, and it was signed by George Bush.  President Obama has NEVER had a day in office with a budget in place to restrict or guide spending proposals.  Not.One.Day. http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/budget/199579-senate-dems-to-skip-2015-budget http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-11-21/us-reach-real-debt-limit-march-or-june-2014


U.S. To Reach Real Debt Limit in March (or June) 2014



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It was just last month that U.S. lawmakers brokered a deal suspending the debt ceiling through February 7 to end the government shutdown, and the Treasury Department could continue borrowing.  After February 7, Treasury will still be able to use the “extraordinary measures” to stave off default.


With the current national debt at an unprecedented $17.1 trillion (One analyst thinks it could double to $34 trillion), any reasonably intelligent person would wonder how long this kicking-the-can band-aid will last.  Both the Bipartisan Policy Center and Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew have estimated that the extraordinary measures would run out in a month or so, i.e. by March, 2014.


Now according to a report issued today by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), U.S. may be able to push the debt ceiling deadline to as late as June because the income tax receipts around the April 15 tax deadline may provide more cash cushion to meet scheduled obligations.


From CBO:

Overall, the federal government is expected to run a significant deficit for fiscal year 2014….. Given the volume of the government’s daily cash flows and the uncertainty about the magnitude of key transactions…., the Treasury could exhaust its extraordinary measures and authority to borrow as early as March or as late as May or June.

How did America get itself into this predicament?  Slowly but surely… by outspending its revenues.  The chart below from USA Today illustrates Federal Revenues vs. Federal Spending since 1996 (in trillions of current dollar).

Graphic Source: USA Today


Meanwhile, OECD is already freaking out about the prospect of a U.S. debt ceiling bind.  In its global economic outlook presentation yesterday, OECD included these three scary charts to demonstrate the dire economic consequence to the U.S. and the rest of the world with a debt ceiling brinkmanship for an entire year.




Further Reading: U.S. Structural Jobs Paradigm


It is highly improbable that the U.S. Congress would risk their re-election by letting the debt limit gridlock (and government shutdown) go for a whole year.  Nevertheless, I do think OECD is concerned about the negative impact on the already fragile global economy and stock markets, even for just a few weeks.


Mind you that raising the debt ceiling does not resolve the root cause of debt limit breach. To avoid the recurring debt ceiling showdown, Washington has to address how to cut federal spending and/or increase revenues.  Unfortunately, any federal revenue increase, in my view, will involve some kind of tax increase mostly to the middle income class.  And cutting the federal spending seems to be in the constant mode of one step forward, two steps back.


Unlike Fed’s QE which benefits mostly the top rich 1% (and should be ‘tapered’!), federal spending, however wasteful it may be at times, actually does get injected into the real economy. So when billions of federal spending disappears from the economy, it will translate into revenue and employment losses affecting many government contractors and the middle income America.  Furthermore, whatever savings from spending cuts that may have materialized tends to get sucked away by some colossally mis-managed government program such as ObamaCare, whose bills eventually will need to be footed, again by no other than the middle income class.


While the middle income class has been a major force reshaping America since World War II, I doubt there’s much juice left to help dig the country out of this debt trap.  All in all, 2014 should be a year of several critical decisions for the United States on its debt limit, monetary (QE) program, or maybe Obama would go down in history as the ObamaCare President minting the $1 trillion platinum coin?


Militia Raids Part Of Government Effort to Provoke Violence, Purge Dissent

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Militia insider says radical group were “perfect target” for feds

Steve Watson & Paul Watson Prisonplanet.com Monday, March 29th, 2010

Militia Raids Part Of Government Effort to Provoke Violence, Purge Dissent 290310raidRelated: Feds Release Indictment Against Michigan Militia

News of a bust on nine members of a militia group in Detroit who were planning to “levy war” against the United States and “oppose by force” the nation’s government, should be treated with extreme suspicion, given that every major terror bust in the U.S. in recent years has been contrived.

According to an indictment (PDF) unsealed this morning in U.S. District Court in Detroit, eight men and one woman were training in modern combat techniques for a prophesized battle with the anti-Christ.

The indictment described the nine as gearing up to use bombs and other weapons to kill local, state, and federal law enforcement officials in an effort to act as a “catalyst for a more wide-spread uprising against the government.”

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force carried out a series of raids on group members in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio over the weekend.

Known as the “Hutaree” militia, each of the nine faces three to five charges, including sedition, attempts to use weapons of mass destruction, teaching/demonstrating use of explosive materials and two counts of carrying weapons in relation to a crime of violence.

  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T

Seven of the defendants appeared in court this morning and were ordered held without bond until Wednesday.

“This is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society,” FBI special agent Andrew Arena toldThe Detroit News.

“The FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States.” Arena added.

Comments made by a well known former militia leader indicate that the Hutaree were regarded by other militia outfits as radical and reckless “low-hanging fruits”.

Mike Vanderboegh, who has close connections with the militia movement in Michigan and all over the country, was critical of the Hutaree, saying that they “have indicated in the past that, much like John Brown, they WANTED to start a civil war, which is why no responsible militia group in Michigan was willing to ally with them.”

Vanderboegh described the group as “a perfect target” for the feds, adding that the raids could have provoked a nationwide uprising if they had turned violent.

Militia Raids Part Of Government Effort to Provoke Violence, Purge Dissent 110310banner1

As we highlighted earlier this month, following the highly suspicious Pentagon shooting, recent history proves that domestic terror, far from being a militia plot or an “extremist fringe” threat, is a government specialty.

Just a brief reprisal of the last handful of major terror cases in the United States instantly reminds us that in every single instance the plot was artificially engineered by the federal government and then later seized upon, with the enthusiastic support of the corporate media, as justification for more funding, more power, and more authority to denounce critics of the war on terror and dissent against the state in general.

From ensuring known extremist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, now known as the underwear bomber, was able to board Flight 253 in Amsterdam last December, to allowing Fort Hood shooter Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to remain on a U.S. Army base, and even to participate in Homeland Security exercises, the actions of Federal authorities have provoked often tragic newsmaking incidents.

Dozens of terror busts and stings since 9/11 have been orchestrated by handlers aiding the accused terrorists at every turn. We have never come across a major case where the terrorists involved in a plot were not being prodded by the FBI and federal informants, or where clear prior knowledge and forewarning was not evident.

Lawyers in a case relating to the much vaunted 2007 terror plot to attack Fort Dix and kill “as many soldiers as possible” concluded that FBI informants were the key figures behind the operation and that the accused, six foreign-born Muslims, were merely bungling patsies.

Similarly, the “Toronto 18″ terrorists turned out to be “a bunch of incompetent guys who were primarily misled by a delusional megalomaniac”. The explosive fertilizer material the terrorist cell apparently planned to use was in fact purchased by an informant working for the RCMP who had radicalized the group.

In the media-lauded Miami terror case in 2007, the supposed ringleader Narseal “Prince Marina” Batiste “had heard of Al-Qaeda, but wasn’t sure what it stood for. The FBI instigators made Batiste swear loyalty to al-Qaida; then had him call on his local buddies to form an ‘Islamic army’ in Miami. None had military training. Some could barely read. But Batiste assured the group in the midst of its collective marijuana buzz of greatness ahead,” wrote Saul Landau.

These were the men who comedian John Stewart referred to as “seven dipshits in a warehouse”after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had ludicrously told the press that the group of semi-retarded gang-bangers had planned to “wage a ground war against America”.

One of the more recent examples was the case of the so-called Muslim terrorists busted in New York, who supposedly wanted to blow up synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the New York Air National Guard base. The men were provided with fake explosives and inactive missiles by an FBI informant, reported the Christian Science Monitor. Two of the ringleaders of the “deadly” plot which was endlessly hyped by the media turned out to be semi-retarded potheads, exactly as we had predicted would be the case due to the innumerable past cases with the exact same modus operandi.

Then we have the most deadly and contrived “christian-patriot” terror plot – the OKC bombing of 1995. While the SPLC, the ADL and similar organizations are happy to play the Timothy McVeigh card over and over again, to back up the notion that hate-filled right wing extremists are taking over the country, they are less enthusiastic to mention the fact that McVeigh planned his deadly assault on the Alfred P. Murrah building under the intimate direction of a high-level FBI official. This according to McVeigh’s co-conspirator Terry Nichols, a claim voluminously backed up by a plethora of evidence that has been presented in court on several occasions.

Time and time again it is revealed that the only prominent people who call for violence in the patriot movement turn out to be working for the feds.

Radio talk show host and racist firebrand Hal Turner recently admitted in federal court that he worked for the FBI as a “National Security Intelligence” asset. “Turner also claims the FBI coached him to make racist, anti-Semitic and other threatening statements on his radio show, but the newspaper also found many federal officials were concerned that his audience might follow up on his violence rhetoric,” the Associated Press reported in November, 2009.

Turner’s code name was “Valhalla” and “he received thousands of dollars from the FBI to report on such groups as the Aryan Nations and the white supremacist National Alliance.

The FBI, under its long-running COINTELPRO, subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Klu Klux Klan and other racist groups.

In light of all these cases, and the ongoing effort to re-direct the focus of the war on terroraway from foreign muslim terrorists to “home grown” American “extremists”, the question must be explored – were the FBI actively involved in radicalizing the “Hutaree” militia? Were any of the militia members FBI informants?

Count the hours until the links emerge.

FBI Operative Hal Turner Says Government Urged Him to Make Violent Statements

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Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com March 3, 2010 Hal Turner took the stand today in his federal trial and accused the FBI of instructing him to make violent and racist statements. The North Bergen, New Jersey, radio talk show host is on trial for allegedly threatening three Chicago-based federal appeals court judges. In June of 2009, Turner said the judges “deserved to be killed” for a ruling they made in a gun control case.

“National Security Intelligence” asset Hal Turner.

In more than two hours of testimony, Turner described how he was recruited in 2003 by the FBI’s Newark-based Joint Terrorism Task Force. He said he was paid “in excess of $100,000” by the FBI during his almost five years as an informant, according to The Record. Turner’s first trial ended in deadlock back in December. A mistrial was declared after the jury deadlocked 9 to 3 in favor of acquitting Turner who was originally indicted in Illinois. During the first trial, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Amy Pickett, the third highest ranking FBI Official in New York City, admitted that Turner was involved in “National Security Intelligence.” On February 16, The Record reported federal prosecutors sought to bar Turner from revealing his longtime role as a FBI informant to a jury during the current trial. “Prosecutors want U.S. District Judge Donald Walter to preclude Turner’s lawyers from referring to his background as a confidential source for the FBI,” the newspaper reported. According to research conducted by Alexandra Natapoff of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, the FBI maintains an army of at least 15,000 “confidential informants,” while the DEA admits to having 4,000 snitches. “But the number of informants working directly for the Feds is probably only a tiny fraction of the entire stukachi [a Russian epithet used to describe a secret police informant] population, given the uncounted masses of snitches working for state and local police agencies,” writes William Norman Grigg of the Pro Libertate blog.

  • A D V E R T I S E M E N T
  • {Openx:49}

On March 2, two federal judges testified in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn that they feared for their lives after Turner posted the comments on his blog. “I read it as a threat to kill me,” testified U.S. Appeals Court JudgeWilliam Bauer. However, neither judge asked the U.S. Marshal Service for special protection. “The government’s case began to fall apart almost immediately when government witnesses confirmed Turner was a national security intelligence operative for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force from 2003 through 2008,” the Family of Hal Turner blog noted on February 24. “Turner’s attorneys pointed out that the FBI itself ‘counseled’ Turner on the lawful use of violent rhetoric so he could flush out radicals before they committed acts of terrorism.” The Family of Hal Turner blog, however, does not provide evidence of “radicals” bent on committing acts of terrorism in order to make its case. The FBI has a long track record of creating fake terror groups and urging easily conned patsies to plot harebrained terror attacks. According to the MIAC report and the Department of Homeland Security’s “rightwing extremism” report, the government considers Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, returning veterans, and Second Amendment advocates a threat. Both reports conflate the miniscule white supremacist movement with the larger and vastly more popular patriot movement. In addition, the government considers the anti-war movement a threat. Responding to ACLU FOIA requests filed in 20 states on behalf of more than 150 organizations and individuals in 2006, the government released documents revealing monitoring and infiltration by the FBI and local law enforcement, targeting political, environmental, anti-war and faith-based groups.

This article was posted: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 2:52 pm

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