Operation Meghdoot- The importance

Vicky Nanjappa

Beyond-NJ9842Well-known defence analysts and NDTV’s Security & Strategic Affairs Editor Nitin A. Gokhale has just authored a book Beyond NJ9842: The Siachen Saga. The book focus on the little known aspects of Operation Meghdoot launched by India exactly 30 years ago on 13 April 1984, to secure the Siachen glacier–now known as the world’s coldest and highest battlefield–from any Pakistani occupation. In an interview with  rediff.com  he elaborates on the book and the significance of Operation Meghdoot.

How have the reactions to your book been?

So far, the reaction to the book has been very positive. Even before it has reached the bookstores, there is a buzz both in the military and among military enthusiasts because Siachen has largely been an unseen and under-reported conflict. Once people came to know that the book’s focus is on the human element–the untold stories of valour, sacrifice, innovation and incredible camaraderie among soldiers…

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Report: Mainstream Media LIES About Federal Standoff…

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(Infowars) — Fox News blatantly lies about the federal standoff in Nevada by reporting that the BLM stood down and gave back the Bundy’s cattle because they were afraid for the safety of the public. This is pure propaganda, the BLM were threatening to shoot the protestors while hiding behind their vehicles.

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Will Feds Stage Violence to Frame Cliven Bundy?

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Infiltrators could be used to demonize Nevada cattle rancher’s cause

Will the feds resort to staging violence in order to frame Cliven Bundy and his supporters?
With hundreds of “militia members” heading to Nevada, the possibility of the feds inserting provocateurs posing as protesters in order to demonize Bundy’s cause is a major threat.
Remember, Ed and Elaine Brown mistakenly invited U.S. Federal Marshals posing as supporters into their own home before they were arrested.

Read and Watch Video: http://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/04/12/will-feds-stage-violence-frame-cliven-bundy/

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Subverting the Truth: April 13, 1917 (a Friday)

Professor Olsen @ Large

On this date, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th U.S. president, created the Committee on Public Information (CPI) as an independent agency by Executive Order 2594. The CPI blended advertising techniques with a sophisticated understanding of human psychology, and its efforts represent the first time that a modern government disseminated propaganda on such a large scale. It is fascinating that this phenomenon, often linked with totalitarian regimes, emerged in a democratic state.

'Enlist U.S. Army' is the caption of this World War I propaganda poster for enlistment in the US Army. ‘Enlist U.S. Army’ is the caption of this World War I propaganda poster for enlistment in the US Army.

George Creel, director of the CPI, recruited publicity agent Edward L. Bernays, journalist Walter Lippmann, and others to carry out its mission of reversing negative public sentiment about the Great War, now known as World War I. Bernays was influential in promoting the idea that America’s war efforts were primarily aimed at “bringing democracy to all of Europe”.


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Bundy Ranch Standoff: Meet the BLM thug who tackled a 57-year old woman

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Michael Roop BLM, State Staff Ranger, Oregon. Michael Roop BLM, State Staff Ranger, Oregon.

Bundy Ranch Standoff: Meet the BLM thug who tackled a 57-year old woman. (See my post entitled, Margaret Bundy Houston Tells Town Board of Being Tackled by BLM: Feds Take Cattle Watering System.”)

His name is Michael Roop. Roop is a State Staff Ranger for BLM, Oregon and to put it mildly, on the internet, this punk with a gun, badge, pepper spray and a K-9 is trending.

State Staff Ranger Mike Roop, BLM,
Oregon State Office, 333 SW. 1st Ave.,
Portland, Oregon, 97204, 503–808–6410
or michael_roop@blm.gov

BLM Contact List: http://www.blm.gov/or/contacts_list.php

You might also want to check out: http://www.blm.gov/or/nwpassage/articles/NWP_4_A_K9_Ranger_Says_Farewell.php

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