The New World Ahead

These words (below) and clicked images….. it gets confusing, spinning…. it’s not saying that my standing is changing…. though….. round, round, round, round…..

dark mysterious man


city of san jose





Sorry? after years of same thing, it’s getting really confusing. who are mysterious man, men who do bdsm things? it gets really spinning, round and round and round….. A, B, C, d, E? or A, B, C, d, E? or it’s same as J K Rowling becomes Amanda Carol, and Gwyneth, and …. and Amanda Carol becomes J K Rowling, Gwyneth, and …… ???? a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, …. witch=justice? satanism=justice? God=justice? idols= justice? sex = God? money=God? Greed=justice? 

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