Socialism (always) killsº

We’re continually lectured that, once upon a time long ago and in a land far far away, the Nazi¹ swastika² killed roughly 6M “Jews”³ in a “Holocaust”⁴. All of this takes place about a lifetime ago when the “Axis of evil” was stopped by the Anglo-American Establishment and their “Allied” allies⁵, to include Stalinists.

Let’s say, doing no independent investigation much less critical thinking, that the official figure of 6M totally was the number: we’ll just take it on faith as gospel for sake of argument⁶. With me so far?

We know the Muslim/Communist⁷ scimitar (☪/☭) has slain in excess of 100M and continues to escalate, invade and propagate…and kill, kill, kill!

The blood shed in the name of ☪Mohammad, ☭Marx and ✡Herzl is incomparably more, even just in our own times, than Hitler ever did, and everyone knows it. Yet we are still stupidly trained to morbidly obsess over the “Holocaust” and just about completely ignore the present situation that we could actually be doing something about, maybe a lot!

Nonetheless, did you notice how magically:
– no one (important) seems to care about this bass-ackwards state of affairs?⁸
– the swastika (even in its ancient version²) is supposedly “evil” while the respective symbols of ☪Islam, ☭Stalinism and ✡Zionism⁹—who seem to have entered some kind of evil contest (WHICH IS ONGOING) to see who can murder the most children—are “hunky-dory” and to be “TOLERATED”?

What the frick actually gives here?

I’ll tell you what gives. ☪Mohammed, ☭Marx and ✡Herzl¹º are all false, base and ruthless impostors of the true Kingdom of God preached by the only true Hebrew Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth¹¹, which would conquer the world through transcendence, which precludes the use of force. In fact, Jesus already has “conquered the world,” and in Him we are “more than conquerors” without having to be war hawks: in fact you really can’t be both!

Guess who runs our nation’s major communications outlets. It’s the arms traders and the federal/fractional reserve banksters, all sworn enemies of peace and even of humanity. Sorry to rip that Band-Aid™ off. Welcome to the Ticked-As-Heck Club!

º Subtitle: “A review of what we all already know about Messianism, Antichristology and double standards in postcontemporary geopolitics (or any other good Eurasian word for ‘stinking septic leak’).”

¹ “Nazi” = “Nationalsozialismus” or “National Socialism” (caps added).

² The Nazi swastika is not to be confused with the upright Indic swastika or “wheel of life” (卍).

³ “Jews” here used synonymously with “Hebrews,” “Israelites,” “Yids,” “Sephardi,” “Ashkenazim” and even “Semites” (even though Arabs are Semites [i.e. sons of Shem] too; and apparently not used to mean “Khazars”? [eyebrows up everyone]).

⁴ “Holocaust” here being used to mean ” ‘Jewish’ genocide in pre- and WWII Germany, Poland and Nazi allies,” see “Jews”³.

⁵ “Allied” allies to USA (“America”) and UK (“Britain,” essentially the cofounder of Israel who gave the Zionists the land they had illegitimately conquered [see Lawrence of Arabia et al.] in exchange for the megabanks forgiving the insolvency of the crown [or if, you prefer, of the “king”]) included USSR (“Russia”), against whom they later set up Dictator Hussein (not talking about Obama).

⁶ “For sake of argument” (or lack thereof) and not because it’s a crime in Germany and some other European countries to even question this very recent “estimate” of 6M That’s right: “free speech” just a figure of speech in some parts!

⁷ Islamist Sharia and Russian Stalinism are both socialist, as is Zionism: pattern emerging?

⁸ Notice how the Nazi swastika is unavailable in unicode while the Muslim and Communist machete is, also the Zionist “Star of David” (of which we all know the Nazis were fans and knew the symbol’s usefulness for enslaving and eradicating; see next note)?

⁹ The so-called “Star of David” (✡) by no means dates back to the Great Israeli King David (nor even to Solomon, which at any rate would have been far less shocking, but no dice): in reality, it’s a Black Magic hex at best.

¹º Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism (that is, “Jewish” socialism) opted not to circumcize his firstborn son.

¹¹ Which entity actually represents Jesus is another question entirely.

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