OK so you want to make a good investment in the next two days buy Bitcoin to save the value of your money! check this out 1 Bitcoin equals 627.59 US Dollar Gold is at 1,310.37 per oz. Jul 2, 2014 IMF Head, Christine Lagarde’s Signalling a Crisis of Biblical Proportions! 70% Dollar Devaluation on 20 July 2014? Global Currency Reset!!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Note: IMF head, Christine Lagarde’s occult numerology message/speech (National Press Club) on 15 Jan 2014 is at bottom of post!
  • “When she says it’s ‘quite a number,’ yes, it’s God’s number, but these people worship their god and their god is Lucifer.”– Quote
  • “When Lagarde makes reference to 7 and 14, and talking about the “financial market jitters,” what I believe she is saying is the end of the old financial system is past and the new one is coming on.  The new one will be what the Bible talks about such as the Mark of the Beast and the one-world government.  The 20th of July . . . what she is telling everybody is they are ready to make their move on the economy, and I believe is simply going to be the end of the U.S. dollar in a traumatic and dramatic fashion.–…

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