The occult reference to 9/11 decoded!

911 was an inside job!


A British savant has decoded the numeric system in which the secret code of numbers relates to the September 11, 2001 event regarding the WTC twin towers.  Andrew Tammet has tapped into the highest order of math there is.

The theory as to how both WTC North and South Towers were demolished by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth with over 200 other supporting experts is intriguing at best.  But, it is Dr. Judy Wood who feels that her empirical data demonstrates there was free energy technology implemented beyond general science’s understanding.  Both theories describe merited reasons based on sharp sleuthing.  However, the true occult meaning and its relevance of the number nine and double ones continues to mystify, until now.


Esoteric 9/11 is a continuation of the Dismantle The Beam Project’s desire to understand how the New World Order operates.  It is the intention of this information to…

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