Security And Survival When The Power Grid Collapses


Ultimate Grid-Down Security Image source: NPR

By Malaya Careta Off The Grid News

Recently Off The Grid News has presented a series of articles on an alternative strategy for long-term survival if the power grid goes down society ends as we know it — returning to a 19th century lifestyle. (Read those articles here and here.)

This approach eschews reliance on modern resources like generators or pumps, and leaves behind the hassles of their need for fuel, lubricants, spare parts and preventive maintenance. Instead, the simpler approach focuses on living in areas with readily available surface water and adequate wood for cooking and warmth.

This third article in the series focuses on security. When society ends as we know it, there will be a lot of desperate people out there. Unlike those living off the grid and preparing for an unknown future, millions of Americans don’t have more than a few…

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