Killer Satanic 528 Frequency!

An intensive investigation leading to this evidence based documentary profiles the chaos filled lives of Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara of 528 Revolution and LNM Radio Network. Given their habitual deceptive practices, the majority of this documentary demonstrates, in their words and appearances on copyrighted media by RJ Hampton as well as their own public domain material including a BBS confirmed recording, how they manipulate their own families and supporters, advocates and listeners by using disinformation, slander and deception.

By using their non-evidenced based theories and false listener/supporter statistics which they refer to as, “528 Revolution” & “LNM Radio Network,” Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara create masks of deception equal to the 1939 classic movie, Wizard of Oz. The goal of this first in a series of documentaries is to educate those who’ve become intoxicated with blind faith by allowing the Tri-Marks of Deception and Beasts to behave in heinous malevolent and covert ways. All facts, events and themes presented in this film are not intended to harm Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara, but serve to educate their supporters and listeners to begin questioning their alleged hidden agendas.

Leonard Horowitz claims that the 528Hz frequency is the tone that floods the heart with love. The truth is, Dr. Horowitz has abandoned his relationship with his very own children. This one act is proof beyond a doubt that the frequency of 528Hz has nothing to do with love. It in fact is the frequency “key” that unlocks the gates of Hell within a human being. It is the tone that the Satan occult practitioners use and is demonstrated in Stanly Kubrik’s film EYES WIDE SHUT. Mike Vara is helping Horowitz promote this attack on humanity and it is evident by how all three treat people who debate their agenda.

After politely asking in a private email to please discontinue his inflammatory remarks and to edit out his defamation comments in posted radio shows, Mike Vara announced on his radio show, “Lee Bracker, release it. Please release it. Send me a copy and I’ll be glad to post it on my website. There’s nothing you have that could ever hurt me.”

Mark of the Frequency Beasts from Lee Bracker on Vimeo.

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