MAY 01 OCCUPY THE JUDICIARY Truth and Freedom Activists Protest!

MAY 01 OCCUPY THE JUDICIARY Truth and Freedom Activists Protest!

More to come – But, save this Date: Law Day Friday May 1, 2015Please invite your Friends and Family to this event

Please invite all your friends and Please Help make this an Event that makes CHANGE – Hold the Judicial, Elected Officials, Government accountable – I can be e-mailed at –

THE GOAL IS TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE CORRUPTION OF THE JUDICIAL, GOVERNMENT AND ELECTED OFFICIALS – and the lack of accountability or a place to go for help when you find yourself in this Slippery Slope of HELL!!! The Judicial / Government / Elected Officials can not POLICE Themselves and Judaical Immunity has to end. Judge’s have taken the position they are GOD. America needs to take back there Courts and in doing so will take back the Constitution of America and there personal Rights of Due Process – this is the Start and we need to work together – not as a splintered group. Which happens way to often – We need to join hands across America on May 1, 2015 and every year after to remind the Courts – Government – Elected officials we are watching – and holding them accountable –

ProSe America
Mission Statement

The mission of ProSe America is to hold the Judiciary, Government, and Elected Officials (JGE) accountable for their acts towards the American people. It is per or by way of the Oaths of Office that they have pledged to bring honor to their job, to serve the American People. Accountability is mandatory.

Because it has become self-evident that the Judiciary, Governmental and Elected Officials have proven they cannot police themselves: Our goal is to ensure that the Judiciary, Government and Elected Officials comply with their Oath of Office in ethics and all laws, to root out fraud, corrupt courts, corrupt governments, and corrupt elected officials. The end result will bring us back to justice and take care of the waste of tax dollars and the many who are falsely imprisoned.

To protect the independent rule of law; the availability and access of and to remedies for all, without fear or favour: common law protection of civil liberties. To prevent constitutional dissimulation via conflicts in rulings which are against their Oath of Office and or the Laws of the Supreme Court. To prevent judges overreaching themselves, even by the standards of the day, through using absurd determination and manipulation to prevent friends and or colleagues from being held accountable for their criminal acts.

The Mission is to enforce the Oaths of Office of all. That with the enforcement it will also close down the Secret Courts and Secret orders, Judge’s ruling with favoritism and cronyism. That all People at one time or another makes a mistake and if the error is acknowledged and remanded that such notes will be added to the Judge’s name. A Wall of Shame will help to educate the American Public prior to hiring an attorney or what to expect in front of a Judge.

That Pro Se America is not affiliated with Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative et al we are not here to judge any part of any person and how they choose to live there life, nor their belief systems. We welcome all individuals or groups as members. We are simply here to enforce accountability of the Judicial, Governmental and Elected Officials and to disclose and expose to the Public those that do not abide by their Oath of Office and support the enforcement of the individuals Constitutional rights.

We do not believe in the Social Hierarchy of Society which is what our fore fathers sought to protect with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. / Friend us / Follow us @ProSeAm / Blog with us

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