Emergency Alert

 It is the request by Eric Hughes of  National Liberty Alliance Courtroom Observers to send this out to all of your contacts!
Stephen L Dean, a Native American Tribal medicine man, Utah State Coordinator for the National Liberty Alliance, and a candidate for common Law Sheriff in Utah, has been arrested on a trumped up gun charge and is being held at the Salt Lake County jail without bail.

For current condition call the jail (385)468-8400.    In your call to: marshal James A Thompson (202) 353-0600

 the state police lieutenant and colonel Daniel Fuhr (801) 965-4518, top FBI Special agent in charge Salt Lake City Mary Francis Rook 801-579-1400; Utah county sheriff Jim Tracy 801-851-4001, Judge V. Denson 801-524-6160, and Colin Bircumshaw the Vicar General for Utah  801-328-8641. Ask these 4 questions: Why would you violate 18 USC 922 by placing a firearm in the hands of a convicted felon? Why would you execute a warrant with no signature from a judge?  The clerk does not qualify… Why did you take Stephen Dean 60 miles to another county for detainment? What is your relationship with Colin Bircumshaw the Vicar General for Utah?
 Please stand with Stephen, when your time comes you will hope for the same.

Thank you,

Court Room Observers


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