This is a sign of the end times that we are in dead living in the end times tribulation period. Don’t be surprised when America soon does this after the economic collapse collapse and mark my words it will be blamed on all Jews not just the illuminati Zionist organization. Gods word says all Jews world wide will be sent back to Israel and killed by the Anti Christ Lucifer’s global army’s.

Mary Carmel News

ZZZZPope 620 feat TLB

By Mary Carmel

With almost everyone on the planet at war, and we prepare ourselves to fight against the Jade Helm 15 False Flag events to disarm and “relocate” the American citizens for “retraining”, I cannot understand the populace that does not heed the red flags, past and present.

I have been posting articles and as much information, with our well appreciated friends at TLB, and we have really tried to reach the American that people do not know the danger they are in.  There are even the daily trolls from other countries that call Americans “stupid”, to have not seen this coming, and to put up with such tyranny is unacceptable, as they proclaim. Do people out there realize what the American Psyop was really like? Do they know what it was like to watch NYC, the Pentagon, and yes the White House presumably under attack , on a…

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