Another Activist Jailed along with dozens, if not hundreds, of arrests made in connection with anyone who claims Anonymous status


Monday a friend of mine turned himself in for a crime he did not commit. He will serve three years. I was in court as his public defender made statements like ” its obvious my client is a criminal” while supposedly defending him.

They threw nearly 50 years of charges at him for alleged identity theft. He had to take a plea for 3. Our justice system is such a joke if it didn’t destroy thousands of lives it would be on SNL. In memory of Mike, see you in 3 years brother.

Daniel JohnsonFor those who asked:

I’ve known Mike for a few years, and though he never wanted any credit, and never wanted to be publicly known, he has been in the backend of many of our projects with both PANDA and the Solutions Institute.

He had access to all of our…

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