Live With Lorri interviewing Tania McCash, single mother battling serious Judicial corruption, harassment by “officials”,

Thursday, August 30 at 9 PM EDT
Starts in about 15 hours · 72–91°F Mostly Sunny
Conference Call Live Interview
Lorri Anderson of Live With Lorri will be interviewing Tania McCash. She a single mother whom has been battling serious courtroom and judicial corruption, harassment of “officials”, including but not limited to a term called “medical kidnapping”. Her case exposes once again just how #unethical and #unconstitutional our “legal system” has become. It exposes #judicialcorruption for personal gain.

Tania McCash is not only fighting the system for her unalienable right to freedom, but for the unalienable right of her child as well. This is one interview you will not want to miss.

Conference Call Number: 515-604-9779
Access code (will be given 2 hours before the show)

To learn more about Tania McCash and see her court documentation Courtroom Watch information below:

Tania McCash takes on the CIA and FBI…

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