The Netflix series Flash from October 2018 Predictive programming for 2020

Recently I was on Facebook and I came across an interesting post from a friend and I decided to share her thoughts on this subject.

“Is the Flash TV series showing something??? This is from season 5 (October 2018) episode 18. I find this all so weird. Was something preplanned? “ Christine Hegney

‘In one clip they talk about a Captain Frye…. XS Flash’s daughter beats up cop cars

Frye is the name of the Mayor of Minneapolis. Also look at the First Victim’s name… Floyd. Next in the clip the villain Thon is having to get on his knees and ask a black man for repentance. Also in a different episode same season there was a virus made in a lab and they made a cure that all metas (people with different abilities) had to take to combat the virus so they were all going to the police department to get the cure. I wonder if the hidden meaning of metas taking it is (free thinking people that don’t follow the same thought as the mainstream). Just a thought…. definitely projecting event that are happening now but 2 years ago. “ Christine Hagney

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German study proved Covid 19 is a global hoax

Basically the governments around the world lied and were labeling every death Covid 19 to cause a fake pandemic including death from heart attacks or car accidents things that had zero to do with Covid 19! What we are looking at is massive fraud! I’m looking forward to seeing thousands of medical malpractice lawsuits and people going to jail because of evil intentions of people like Bill Gates and his WHO funded lies!

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