Ammon Bundy said!

Everything that many of us have been saying from day one of coronavirus, is happening now. People said in the beginning that it was not about government justifying force, that it was not about rights being taken, that vaccines will never be forced. Unfortunately, they are wrong. I wish they where not, but as we can see in this article (reduce covid by forcing flu vaccination), Covid is and has been about stripping the People of their rights.

I ask these question again, Who owns your body? Do you or do government officials? Who has the right to decide what is put into your children’s body? Do you or do government officials?

Now with that being said I would like to pick a sore scab that many may think hurts a little. Many of you have justified to yourselves that it is okay to wear a mask. Just get along right? Not worth the fight. But I say to you that if you would have stood your ground on the mask, or the lock downs, or going to church, or school, or work and business, if you would have said no to Costco, to Walmart or to your employer, then we would not be facing the reality of forced vaccinations. We would have ended the argument long before it really began.

Compliance never leads to peace or to just getting along, it only leads to more force. Maybe this will be a lesson learned, because now we get to fight the needle instead of something much less intrusive.

Before I’m finished I would like to ask those of you that have said, “it is not worth the fight”, have you ever stood for anything in your life? Review your life…have you ever stood for anything?

Just letting you know that the line in my sand is drawn and if anyone tries to force vaccinations on my children or I, I will gather my friends, neighbors and even my enemies that agree and we will defend with great force. We will drive the tyranny out of Idaho and restore the power back to each person who desires it.

It is time to join People’s Rights my fiends, it time to unite to defend rights! Text Rights to 80123 or go to

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