Get ready for FEMA death camps conservative Christians and any resistance to the New World Order.

I have been saying this for awhile now and that’s why my friends call me Danger Dan. I’m now starting to see more people like myself speaking out even though they have a good chance to be hit with censorship on Facebook and Twitter. My website has been completely banned on all mainstream social media websites across the world. Anyways I’ll provide updates for this posts to verify the claims from Judi Marie Rogers as she replies to me in her comments feed on Facebook. I’m well aware that many of our subscribers are not on mainstream social media websites.

Audio Post man arrested for not Wearing a mask.

FWD: FWD: FWD: Post this request on all your social media : ‘ is asking all caring people who value freedom to be a courtroom observer for Pete Harding , arrested for trespass after explaining to staff at a retail store that he is unable to wear a mask . A lack of communication among store staff led to one employee asking Pete to wait in the front of the store , while another employee called the Cheektowaga police , unbeknownst to Pete . He was never actually asked to leave the store , which he would have been happy to comply with . His appearance is scheduled for shortly after 10:00am on Monday Oct. 26 at the Cheektowaga town court , we are arriving between 9:30-10 , early is good in case they start a little early . Your presence not only helps Pete avoid a possible 3 month jail sentence , it makes a statement to a governnent which is out of control and oppressive . Thank you for standing together with Pete , it may be you someday who needs support .’

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